32 Best Caravan Parks In Sunshine Coast Sunny Queensland

Discover the magic of caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. From ocean front bliss to hinterland haven, explore the experiences awaiting you in this coastal paradise. Plan your caravan adventure today!

The Sunshine Coast’s Caravan Haven

Welcome, fellow wanderers, to the picturesque Sunshine Coast, where the sun kisses the waves and the air is filled with the promise of adventure. In this coastal region caravan parks are the gateways to a blend of nature, relaxation and community. Join us as we explore the caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast. Enjoy the stunning landscapes and the warm embrace of this awesome coastal haven.

Sunshine Coast Splendour

Nestled along the south-eastern edge of Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is a canvas painted with pristine beaches, lush hinterlands, and a vibrant local culture. As you embark on your caravan adventure, the region unfolds its charm, offering a diverse range of experiences from vibrant coastal towns to tranquil countryside escapes.

Transitioning from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to the unhurried pace of the Sunshine Coast is an experience in itself. The anticipation builds as the coastline beckons, and the open road leads to an array of caravan parks that serve as your home away from home.

Caravan Parks Galore

As you weave through the coastal highways, the options for caravan parks unfold like a treasure map. From family-friendly resorts to cosy campgrounds, the Sunshine Coast caters to every caravan enthusiast’s preference. Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of waves or surrounded by the symphony of birds in the hinterland – the choice is yours.

Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park

Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park

Caravan Parks by the Beach

For those seeking the symphony of crashing waves as their morning soundtrack, the oceanfront caravan parks along the Sunshine Coast are the answer. Imagine stepping out of your caravan and onto the soft sands, the salty breeze tousling your hair as you breathe in the invigorating sea air.

Caravan parks like Beachcomber Coconut Holiday Park and Cotton Tree Holiday Park offer prime locations, where you can enjoy the ocean’s lullaby from the comfort of your caravan. These parks aren’t just a place to park; they are front-row tickets to sunrise strolls, beach picnics, and the therapeutic rhythm of the tides.

Hinterland Havens: Embracing Nature

Transitioning from the coastal allure, the Sunshine Coast hinterland unveils a different kind of beauty. Caravan parks like BIG4 Forest Glen Holiday Resort and Imbil Camping Retreat nestle in the green embrace of nature. Swap the sound of waves for the rustle of leaves and the chorus of birdsong.

Embrace the tranquillity of the hinterland where caravan parks become gateways to bush walking tracks, waterfall excursions, and starlit nights. Voices resonate in the laughter around the communal barbecue pits and the shared excitement of exploring the natural wonders that surround.

BIG4 Caloundra Holiday Park

BIG4 Caloundra Holiday Park

Family-Friendly Fun: Caravan Parks for All Ages

The Sunshine Coast is not just for solo adventurers or couples it’s a haven for families seeking quality time. Caravan parks like NRMA Maroochy River Holiday Park and Ingenia Holidays Rivershore Resort offer a plethora of family-friendly activities. Water parks and mini-golf through to supervised kids clubs. These parks turn a simple stay into an unforgettable holiday.

Picture your children’s faces lighting up as they make new friends in the play areas, or as they roast marshmallows under the starlit sky. These caravan parks are not just accommodations they are a playground for family bonding and shared adventures.

Hidden Gems: Boutique Caravan Parks

For those who seek an intimate escape, away from the crowds, the Sunshine Coast harbours boutique caravan parks that feel like secret hideaways. Parks like Mapleton Cabins and Caravan Park offer a more personalised experience, with attention to detail and a touch of exclusivity.

Active voices echo in the personalised service and the unique charm that each boutique caravan park brings. These hidden gems are not just places to park; they are retreats where you can disconnect and immerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings.

Caravan Parks and Local Delights

Beyond the caravan parks themselves, the Sunshine Coast is a foodie paradise waiting to be explored. Check out the local flavours at markets near parks like Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park, where you can savour fresh produce, artisanal treats and the region’s culinary delights.

These caravan parks aren’t just parking spots; they are gateways to the local culture. Engage in the vibrant food scene, explore farmers’ markets, and let the active voice of the Sunshine Coast’s culinary narrative enthral your taste buds.

Caravan Community Chronicles

One of the unsung joys of caravan life on the Sunshine Coast is the camaraderie among like-minded travellers. Caravan parks like Noosa River Holiday Park and Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park are like hubs of shared stories.

The active voices of the caravan community are heard around communal spaces, where friendships are formed, and tips are exchanged. These parks aren’t just places to park your caravan, they are vibrant communities where the shared love for exploration creates lasting bonds.

Sunset Farewell: Reflecting on the Journey

As the sun sets on your Sunshine Coast caravan adventure, the memories linger like the colours painted across the sky. Caravan parks on the Sunshine Coast are not just stops along the road, they are chapters in your journey, each offering a unique experience, a new perspective, and a sense of belonging.

In parting, remember that the Sunshine Coast’s caravan parks are more than just places to park your caravan; they are doorways to an adventure, invitations to create lasting memories and promises of a return to the embrace of the coastal haven.

Beyond Parking – A Journey of Sunshine Dreams

In the heart of the Sunshine Coast, where the caravan parks stand as silent witnesses to countless stories, you realise that this journey is not just about the destinations; it’s about the moments in between. The active voice of the Sunshine Coast caravan parks echoes in the laughter, the discovery, and the bonds formed along the way.

BIG4 Maroochy River

BIG4 Maroochy River

So, fellow travellers, let the Sunshine Coast be your canvas, the caravan parks your havens, and the journey your masterpiece. As you embark on the open road, may the sun guide your way, and may the coast unfold its wonders before you.

Caravan Parks In Sunshine Coast – The List

1. Military Jetty Caravan Park – 2. Golden Beach Holiday Park – 3. BIG4 Caloundra Holiday Park – 4. Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park – 6. Ingenia Holidays Landsborough – 7. Ocean View Tourist Park – 8. Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park – 9. Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park – 10. Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park – 11. Cotton Tree Holiday Park – 12. BIG4 Maroochy River – 13. Ingenia Holidays Rivershore – 14. Bli Bli Riverside Caravan Village – 15. Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park – 16. Yandina Caravan Park – 17. Lilyponds Holiday Park – 18. Kookaburra Park – 19. Coolum Beach Holiday Park – 20. Noosa River Holiday Park – 21. Ingenia Holidays Noosa – 22. Ingenia Holidays Noosa North – 23. North Shore Retreat Caravan Park – 24. Cooroy Caravan Park – 25. Pomona Caravan Park & Showgrounds – 26. Rainbow Beach Holiday Village – 27. BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Rainbow Beach – 28. Tin Can Bay Tourist Park – 29. Kingfisher Caravan Park – 30. Gold Nugget Caravan Park – 31. Kilkivan Bush Camping & Caravan Park – 32. Standown Park (Kui Parks)

1. Military Jetty Caravan Park

Located in Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, Military Jetty Caravan Park resides at Golden Beach and is perfectly positioned right alongside the beautiful Bribie Passage offering guests stunning crystal water views to Bribie Islands pristine protected National Parks. Close enough to the Caloundra CBD for dining & activities yet far enough away to avoid traffic & the hustle & bustle of Sunshine Coast holiday goers enjoying the many Caloundra hotels & resorts.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 131 Esplanade, Golden Beach, Caloundra, Queensland
GPS: -26.833724°, 153.118628°
Phone: (07) 5492-1288
Web: https://militaryjettycaravanpark.com
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

2. Golden Beach Holiday Park

The Park offers you a perfect opportunity to Rest and Relax, in our well maintained and landscaped park, with excellent Facilities. It is a great place to bring the Family and is only a short drive to all Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Attractions. A 100 metre stroll to the Beach, a short walk to the local Shops, Restaurants, the Power Boat Club, only 2.4 kilometres to the main street of Caloundra, and less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane. Group/Club bookings are welcome and well behaved Pets are accepted on their Caravan and Camping sites. No pets allowed for accommodation bookings.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 9 Onslow St, Caloundra, Queensland
GPS: -26.825412°, 153.120367°
Phone: (07) 5492-4811
Web: http://www.goldenbeachholidaypark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

3. BIG4 Caloundra Holiday Park

Whether you feel like swimming, shopping or just relaxing in the Sunny Coast sunshine there’s something for every family member to enjoy at this Big4 Holiday Park.

  • 24 Luxury Cabins
  • 60 Caravan and Camping Sites
  • Resort swimming pool with waterslide and kids activities
  • BBQs and camp kitchens
  • Bouncing pillow and kids activities

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 44 Maloja Ave, Caloundra, Queensland
GPS: -26.804972°, 153.126096°
Phone: (07) 5491 1564
Web: https://big4caloundra.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

4. Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park

Fancy direct access to one of the Sunshine Coast’s most spectacular beaches? Dicky Beach Holiday Park is located on the beachfront at Caloundra’s Dicky Beach and has a variety of accommodation, ranging from camping to caravans as well as studio units. Enjoy the swimming pool, full size tennis court, children’s playground, BBQs and the recreation room or visit the surrounding Caloundra beaches – Kings Beach, Bullock Beach and Golden Beach. There is fabulous fishing and a number of bike paths to explore the area. Visit the Dicky Beach Surf Club for a meal or enjoy the many restaurants in the area. Dicky Beach Family Holiday Park provides you with a relaxed family atmosphere and with so much to do; you’ll want to come back again and again.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 1 Beerburrum St, Dicky Beach, Queensland
GPS: -26.783158°, 153.137327°
Phone: (07) 5491-3342
Web: http://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: No

Coolum Beach Holiday Park

Coolum Beach Holiday Park

5. Beerwah Caravan Park/Gowinta Farms

Beerwah Caravan Park boasts 52 generous 10m x 13m sites all with a 6m x 2.4m concrete slab. All sites have power, sullage and water connections. The large undercover area placed centrally within the park contains the coin operated laundry (2 x industrial washing machines + 1 industrial dryer) a kitchenette (fridge, microwave, hot plate, toaster, jug, assorted pots, pans) an undercover seating area as well as recently erected amenities including wheelchair accessible. Pets are allowed on application and the park is secure with a coded entry gate.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 205 Burys Rd, Beerwah, Queensland
GPS: -26.875527°, 152.979965°
Phone: 0416 678 694
Web: https://www.caravanqld.com.au/park/beerwah-caravan-park
Pet Friendly: Yes

6. Ingenia Holidays Landsborough

Located in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, 3km from Australia Zoo, 10 mins to the Glasshouse Mountains and 15 mins to Caloundra and the golden sand beaches of the Sunshine Coast. The park is managed by full-time on site caretakers who take great pride in the park, which can be seen in the high quality of its presentation, the clean facilities provided and the quiet and friendly atmosphere. The caravan park has a full range of holiday accommodation including sites, cabins, units, villas and deluxe villas. *No dogs over 10kg allowed.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 1 Eudlo St, Landsborough, Queensland
GPS: -26.812783°, 152.966744°
Phone: (07) 5494-1207
Web: https://ingeniaholidays.com.au/our-parks/queensland/sunshine-coast/landsborough
Pet Friendly: Yes*

7. Ocean View Tourist Park

A small friendly tourist park in the heart of the Hinterland with panoramic views out over the Caloundra and Bribie Island coastlines. Currently has 53 caravan sites with more work underway. Choose between slab sites, all grass sites, easy reverse sites with a concrete wheel track, or forward facing drive through sites . Views of the sunshine coast visible from some sites, a camp kitchen, groups can enjoy the new resort style club/function room (group booking), and don’t forget Site 20 with its own personal deck.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 2 Old Maleny Rd, Landsborough, Queensland
GPS: -26.794022°, 152.935325°
Phone: (07) 5494 1171
Web: http://oceanviewtouristpark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

Cooroy Caravan Park

Cooroy Caravan Park

8. Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park

Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park is situated with direct access to the most spectacular beach on the Queensland Coast which is Lifeguard Patrolled 365 days per year. The holiday Park is next to Mooloolaba Beach surf club and opposite Sea Life Aquarium (formerly known as Underwater World), and the Mooloolaba wharf precinct. Walking distance to a variety of shops and restaurants. The grounds are fully fenced and boom gate access will ensure a secure stay.The holiday park has been fully redeveloped in 2019 and all facilities are new.

  • Fully serviced powered slab sites.
  • Amenity building with baby change and bath.
  • Laundry facilities with tap and go payment and coin operated washing machines and dryers.
  • Modern camp kitchen with fridge, microwave, toaster etc and BBQ facilities.
  • LPG and ice for sale.
  • Free Wi-Fi.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 100 Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba, Queensland
GPS: -26.682700°, 153.122179°
Phone: (07) 5444-1201
Web: https://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au/holiday_parks/mooloolaba_beach_holiday_park
Pet Friendly: No


9. Alex Beach Cabins & Tourist Park

Only 180 metres from the safe and sheltered beach at Alexandra Headland on the aptly-named Sunshine Strip, the 2.5 hectare Alex Beach Cabins and Tourist Park is the perfect destination for your next holiday or Weekend Getaway – your palm-lined tropical oasis. The Park has 75 modern, clean, air-conditioned accommodation units with coastal decor, from Holiday Homes Superior Villas, 1 and 2 Bedroom Villas, Queen and Double Cabins, to Caravan and Motorhome sites – accommodation options to suit your budget at prices that will pleasantly surprise you!

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 21-23 Okinja Rd, Alexandra Headland, Queensland
GPS: -26.665245°, 153.103156°
Phone: (07) 5443 2356
Web: http://alexbeach.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

10. Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park

Listen to the sounds of the waves and breathe in the salty ocean air at Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park. There is nothing between you and the ocean, with a walkway straight to one of the most magnificent beaches on the Coast. Maroochydore’s patrolled beach offers surfers some magnificent waves and the waters of the Maroochy River’s estuary are simply perfect for young swimmers, boaters, water skiers and fishers. Families will love the abundance of parks, bbq and picnic facilities.

The holiday park is situated next to one of the Sunshine Coast’s largest surf clubs. Drop in for a great meal or a drink at the Maroochydore Surf Club or RSL with family and friends or dine at one of the restaurants in the area.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 2 Melrose Pde, Maroochydore, Queensland
GPS: -26.660111°, 153.103884°
Phone: (07) 5443 1167
Web: http://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

11. Cotton Tree Holiday Park

The best of both worlds awaits you at Cotton Tree Holiday Park, two holiday destinations in one. There is direct access to the Maroochy River and the stunning Maroochydore Beach.

Surf the waves at the beach or make use of the calmer waters of the river by windsurfing or sailing. Maroochy River is an angler’s delight with great fishing all year round, And if that doesn’t tempt you, the Cotton Tree Swimming Pool complex, with 50m and 25m pools, is located right next door to the holiday park. Dine or shop at one of Cotton Tree’s many local cafes, restaurants or boutiques.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 2-36 Cotton Tree Pde, Maroochydore, Queensland
GPS: -26.653993°, 153.100037°
Phone: (07) 5459 9070
Web: http://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au/holiday_parks/cotton_tree_holiday_park
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: No

12. BIG4 Maroochy River

Known as the friendliest park on the Sunshine Coast you’ll feel welcome and wanted from the second you arrive. Offering accommodation for every requirement and budget and a relaxed community feel, a stay at BIG4 Maroochy River will leave you with fond lasting memories and a great holiday experience. Book a site or cabin and come enjoy the outstanding hospitality at BIG4 Maroochy River. *Pets allowed subject to season and additional fees apply.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 1 Diura St, Maroochydore, Queensland
GPS: -26.643241°, 153.066737°
Phone: (07) 5443 3033
Web: http://big4maroochyriver.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes*

13. Ingenia Holidays Rivershore

Nestled on the banks of the Maroochy River, in the heart of the glorious Sunshine Coast. Ingenia Holidays Rivershore sets new standards for Sunshine Coast caravan parks, resorts and camping. With extra-large space for your caravan or camper trailer, amenity blocks you’ll dream about and three camp kitchens. Rivershore is an ideal base to explore the beaches, hinterland and all the attractions of the Sunshine Coast. And if you’re looking for something very special, stay in one of our luxurious self-contained safari tents where you’ll have magical river views, and still be only a few metres from the large, heated pool and our superb, fully-licensed restaurant. Providing water slides, a Kangaroo Jumper, playground and mini golf for the kids, plus kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, a pontoon and boat ramp, Ingenia Holidays Rivershore Sunshine Coast truly has everything for everyone.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 99 David Low Way, Diddillibah, Queensland
GPS: -26.637269°, 153.045741°
Phone: (07) 5458-2200
Web: https://www.ingeniaholidays.com.au/our-parks/queensland/sunshine-coast/rivershore
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

14. Bli Bli Riverside Caravan Village

Riverside in the heart of Bli Bli offers the best value rates on the Sunshine Coast for powered, unpowered sites and cabins. Amenities are kept spotless, grounds are well maintained and friendly, helpful staff will settle you in, so you can relax beside the beautiful Maroochy River and enjoy this amazing location. *No longer accepts tents or soft bottom camper trailers.

Type: Caravan Park*
Location: 297 David Low Way, Bli Bli, Queensland
GPS: -26.622546°, 153.041926°
Phone: (07) 5448-5207
Web: http://riversideblibli.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

15. Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park

Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park is a hidden oasis for travellers. Nestled between the Mudjimba Surf Beach and the Maroochy River, the park offers visitors a tranquil setting. Each site is a private, peaceful haven far away from the bustling crowds. Set amongst manicured lawns and gardens, the covered pool area is a perfect location to relax and unwind or play with the kids. For visitors wanting to leave the sanctuary of the park, there are some excellent local fishing spots, as well as walking tracks,bike paths and for the surfer – some serious waves. Stroll along the pure white sand and find a quiet and private spot amongst the grassy dunes, or settle down for some lunch at the many picnic facilities under the shady trees. The park features 175 powered tourist caravan sites, 29 unpowered tent sites and 3 villas. *Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park also accepts dogs on application.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 3-35 Cottonwood St, Mudjimba, Queensland
GPS: -26.617261°, 153.098871°
Phone: (07) 5448-7157
Web: http://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au/holiday_parks/mudjimba_beach_holiday_park
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes*

16. Yandina Caravan Park

Yandina Caravan Park is nestled away from the main highway on the banks of the South Maroochy River and features 22 acres of well kept tropical splendour. Sites are pet friendly.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 1519 Nambour North Connection Rd, Yandina, Queensland
GPS: -26.567935°, 152.955607°
Phone: (07) 5446-7332
Web: http://www.familyparks.com.au/travel/yandina
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

17. Lilyponds Holiday Park

Lilyponds Holiday Park, Mapleton offers comfortable, affordable accommodation ranging from modern, self-contained cabins, budget bunk rooms, caravan sites and camping.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 26 Warruga St, Mapleton, Queensland
GPS: -26.621278°, 152.862682°
Phone: (07) 5445-7238
Web: http://www.lilyponds.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

18. Kookaburra Park

A boutique caravan park and camping ground set on 75 acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Free animal feeding daily. Powered & unpowered sites plus themed cabins.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 2951 Maleny-Kenilworth Rd, Cambroon 4552, Queensland
GPS: -26.639577°, 152.682617°
Web: https://www.kookaburrapark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

19. Coolum Beach Holiday Park

Coolum Beach is undoubtedly the quintessential Australian surf beach and what better way to enjoy it than staying on absolute beach frontage at the Coolum Beach Holiday Park. Sites with direct access to the patrolled surf of Coolum Beach make this park one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular camping and caravan destinations. Located next to the Surf Club, Coolum Beach Holiday Park is set on ten acres of pristine beachfront land. Wander along the soft white sand and listen to the sounds of the waves or find a shady spot to relax and unwind under the Pandanus trees and Casuarinas. The park is an easy walking distance to shops and restaurants, as well as the Surf Club and the Coolum Beach Bowls. Stroll along the headland boardwalk, cycle along the designated bike paths, take your pick of two nearby golf courses or walk to the top of Mt Coolum and take in the spectacular views across the Sunshine Coast. There is plenty of excitement for everyone. *Coolum Beach Holiday Park also accepts dogs on application.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 1781 David Low Way, Coolum Beach, Queensland
GPS: -26.527355°, 153.091534°
Phone: (07) 5446 1474
Web: https://www.sunshinecoastholidayparks.com.au/holiday_parks/coolum_beach_holiday_park
Pet Friendly: *Yes

20. Noosa River Holiday Park

This Holiday Park is situated right on the banks of the beautiful Noosa River, in the highly sought holiday location of Noosa. Wake in the morning to the sounds of the birds and the lapping of water on the shoreline. Ideal for caravans, camper trailers, RVs and tents. The sites vary in size, but we do our best to match your needs. Featuring powered double-slabbed and non-slabbed sites plus a selection of unpowered waterfront and non waterfront sites. The guest camp kitchen, equipped with BBQs and appliances, is in a prime position overlooking Noosa River.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 4 Russell St, Noosaville 4566, Queensland
GPS: -26.394448°, 153.073080°
Phone: (07) 5449-7050
Web: http://www.noosaholidayparks.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: No

Ingenia Holidays Noosa North

Ingenia Holidays Noosa North

21. Ingenia Holidays Noosa

Looking for family-friendly holiday parks on the Sunshine Coast? With a range of accommodation options including cabins, villas and campsites, BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Noosa is your home away from home by the beach. It’s situated just minutes from the tranquil riverside town of Tewantin and a short drive to Hastings Street shopping precinct. You can explore the sites of Noosa National Park, learn to surf at Noosa Main Beach, or spend the day fishing at one of the many waterways surrounding the park, Keep an eye out for whales between July and November, and be sure to bring your walking shoes for taking leisurely strolls along the waterfront.

They offer a wide range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets, from spacious 3-bedroom villas to cosy studios. There are also powered and ensuite caravan and camping sites if you’d rather pitch a tent or bring your campervan. All our campsites are beautifully landscaped, with concrete slab and grass options available. The camp’s family-friendly atmosphere comes alive during the school holidays, although it’s a great place to stay all year round. Whether you want to visit during the tranquil winter months, over the summer break, or any season in between, you’ll never want to leave this seaside oasis. As with all BIG4 parks, BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Noosa boasts facilities to ensure you have a fabulous time with us here on the Sunshine Coast. Guests can laze by the pool on balmy summer days, or fry up an outdoor feast using the BBQ facilities, There’s also a camp kitchen for easy meal preparation, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi and a kiosk, If you’re travelling with kids, they can bounce around the jumping cushion or entertain themselves in the games room.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 141 Cooroy-Noosa Rd, Tewantin, Queensland
GPS: -26.397916°, 153.015391°
Phone: (07) 5447 1712
Web: https://ingeniaholidays.com.au/our-parks/queensland/sunshine-coast/noosa
Pet Friendly: Yes

22. Ingenia Holidays Noosa North

Noosa Caravan Park is idyllically located a short drive away from the Noosa river, stunning beaches with pristine white sands, warm waters of local beaches and the beauty of Noosa’s panoramic hinterland. If you are looking for caravan parks and holiday cabins in Noosa, we have a range of comfortably furnished and appointed cabins for two to six people. Our holiday parks have one bedroom villas and one bedroom deluxe villas for up to three people or the deluxe two bedroom trio villas for up to five and the deluxe two bedroom villas for up to six people. Are you on a camping trip and looking for a campsite where you can pitch your tent for the night or for a more extended stay? Our Noosa camping grounds are situated amongst the lush tropical beauty of Noosa, with manicured lawns and sheltered powered sites to make your stay as comfortable as it can be.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 143 Moorindil St, Tewantin, Queensland
GPS: -26.379907°, 153.036929°
Phone: (07) 5449-8060
Web: https://www.ingeniaholidays.com.au/our-parks/queensland/sunshine-coast/noosa-north
Pet Friendly: Yes

23. North Shore Retreat Caravan Park

The Noosa North Shore Retreat is the perfect location for a holiday you will never forget. This natural paradise is only 20 minutes from Hastings St. It’s easily accessible by a short (car) ferry ride. At one of the best caravan parks in the sunshine coast you and your family have access to a variety of amazing activities including tennis, SUP and swimming. The Noosa North Shore Retreat has everything you need without the expense. The Getaway Bar & Restaurant offers a delicious menu with hearty food and a kids menu catering to various dietary needs such as gluten free and vegan. The kids will love the giant jumping pillow and the brand new indoor bouldering gym. This tourist Park Offers a choice of cabins, powered and non-powered sites. It is dog friendly for campsite reservations only. Please note that open fires, braziers or generators are not permitted in any area of the Tourist Park.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: Beach Rd, Noosa North Shore, Queensland
GPS: -26.354560°, 153.051968°
Phone: (07) 5447 1225
Web: http://noosanorthshoreretreat.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

24. Cooroy Caravan Park

For Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers and Camper Vans, we offer peaceful grounds for you to stay whilst exploring or resting up on your travels. Powered and unpowered sites are available. Centrally located only 1 Km off the Bruce Highway in Cooroy, Please take Exit 230. The park has spacious sites, nestled in a garden setting. The park is ideal for relaxing after exploring Noosa, the Sunshine Coast and the beautiful Hinterland. Stay for a night or a week. Petrol, Diesel, LPG in town, Hardware, Supermarket, Hotel and much more shopping around. Cooroy is quaint; the town is only 3 minutes away. Your pets are welcome too, except for dinosaurs and crocodiles. In close proximity to our quaint town of Cooroy, Noosa, Noosa Heads, Coolum Beach, Eumundi, Pomona, Gympie, Maleny, Montville and the many other beautiful areas, towns, beaches and attractions within a short driving distance from here. No grey water on grounds, no permanent hook up to water (you can fill up tanks on your site).

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 154 Holts Rd, Cooroy, Queensland
GPS: -26.441830°, 152.919108°
Phone: 0411 786 247
Web: https://cooroycaravanpark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

25. Pomona Caravan Park & Showgrounds

Powered sites only available in the stunning and tranquil little town of Pomona, with Mt Cooroora as the backdrop. Pet friendly. Plenty of room for travellers and groups. Overnighters for a few days, just come to the office and book in, 25 minutes drive to either Gympie or Noosa. Tents max. Stay 7 days; Site max stay 42 days; Week rates available.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 15 Pavilion St, Pomona (Big rigs via Exhibition St, Queensland)
GPS: -26.358718°, 152.859387°
Phone: (07) 5485 1477
Web: https://www.noosashowsociety.org.au/pomona-caravan-park
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park

Mudjimba Beach Holiday Park

26. Rainbow Beach Holiday Village

Rainbow Beach Holiday Village is the perfect base for your Rainbow Beach/Fraser Coast holiday with or without a caravan in tow. RBHV has seven types of holiday accommodation on offer. Cabins range from two bedroom Olympic Villas either Ocean View or Poolside, two bedroom Chalets and for a couple, our open plan Studio Villas, All are fully self- contained with linen supplied. Powered sites for our caravan clients are either Beach Front or Regular. There are also unpowered sites for tents.

The park has wide sealed roads, concrete pads and ample space for all sized vehicles, RV’s, and towed vans or trailer boats. There is a 24hr security boom gate and a large swimming pool with a shallow ‘beach entry’. There are two covered BBQ sites with push-button gas BBQs and washing up facilities. There is an onsite BP servo and convenience store for supplies, ice creams and cold drinks.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 13 Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach, Queensland
GPS: -25.903353°, 153.092741°
Phone: (07) 5486-3222
Web: https://Gdayparks.com.au/parks/Queensland/rainbow-beach
Pet Friendly: Yes

27. BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a nature-lovers paradise. It’s the launch pad for the world’s largest sand island K’gari (Fraser Island), there’s epic fishing, coloured sands and a beach that doubles as a Highway. The ultimate base for all this and more is BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Rainbow Beach. Just minutes from the holiday parks is the centre of this seaside village with cafes, pubs and clubs boasting epic ocean views, Right next door is the town’s main boat ramp and with a choice of cabins, powered and unpowered sites, your next holiday should be a Breeze.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 308 Carlo Rd, Rainbow Beach, Queensland
GPS: -25.900222°, 153.060509°
Phone: (07) 5486-3200
Web: http://www.breezeholidayparks.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

28. Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

The picturesque Tin Can Bay Tourist Park is located in Tin Can Bay on the beautiful Cooloola Coast. Superb cabin and camping accommodation located in a relaxing atmosphere with surrounding bush that hosts an abundance of bird-life. Enjoy brand new modern facilities, including the camp kitchen, pool-side BBQ hut, laundry and family amenities, featuring disability access.

Just a short stroll from shops, cafes, restaurants & the foreshore. Feed the rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins! Markets every 3rd Saturday of the month. Located on the beautiful Cooloola Coast 2 1/2 hours drive north of Brisbane and just off the southern tip of World Heritage listed Fraser Island, Tin Can Bay is best known for being a boating and fishing paradise! For those who love the serenity of the coastal lifestyle, the Cooloola National Park, the Great Sandy Straits and World Heritage Fraser Island are all just minutes away.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 54-74 Trevally St, Tin Can Bay, Queensland
GPS: -25.923102°, 153.006184°
Phone: (07) 5486 4411
Web: https://www.tincanbaytouristpark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

29. Kingfisher Caravan Park

Kingfisher Caravan Park is located at 48 The Esplanade on beautiful Tin Can Bay, Queensland. Owner manager Mark, Debra and their staff ensure a quiet and relaxing holiday is enjoyed by all who stay at the Kingfisher Caravan Park. Sites in the park range from tent sites to van sites that can accommodate large buses and mobile homes. Or choose to stay in one of our modern Bayview Bungalows. Enjoy the abundant bird life the area has to offer. There is so much to see and do in close proximity

Type: Caravan Park
Location: Tin Can Bay Rd, Tin Can Bay, Queensland
GPS: -25.909164°, 153.007615°
Phone: (07) 5486-4198
Web: http://www.kingfishercaravanpark.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

30. Gold Nugget Caravan Park

Located beside the Bruce Highway 7 kilometres south of the turnoff to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach (Brisbane Road) which is at the southern entrance to Gympie. The park is part of the roadhouse and is accessed through the roadhouse entrance. Pet friendly.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 692 Bruce Hwy, Kybong, Queensland
GPS: -26.237817°, 152.699110°
Phone: (07) 5482 7850
Pet Friendly: Yes

31. Kilkivan Bush Camping & Caravan Park

A family owned and run bush retreat where they strive to provide the best experience in the Australian bush. Regardless of whether you have a tent, camper trailer, caravan or motorhome, you and you family (including pets) are welcome to
relish in the beauty. Set on 25 acres with powered & unpowered sites, beautiful gardens, pet-friendly, full amenities, campfires, bush bar, & lots more, there is something for everyone.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 577 Rossmore Rd, Kilkivan, Queensland
GPS: -26.117388°, 152.290066°
Phone: (07) 5484-1340
Web: https://bushcamping.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

Ocean View Tourist Park

Ocean View Tourist Park

32. Standown Park (Kui Parks)

Standown Park is a privately owned, affordable, well established, well respected Caravan Park free from Jumping Castles, Tennis Courts and Swimming Pools. It is a clean, relaxed and unique getaway experience with all your amenities and extensive camp. It’s a place to relax, meet old friends and make new ones around the open campfire and where happy hour seems to last a bit longer. A place to bring your family and your friends where you can unplug from technology and take in the peacefulness  that is Standown Park. They provide a comfortable, relaxing and peaceful destination for families as well as service men and women of the ADF and 000 personnel. We offer special discounts to Veterans young and old, current and past serving members of the ADF and 000 personnel, groups and CMCA members.

Type: Caravan Park
Location: 91 Radtke Rd, Kia Ora 4570, Queensland
GPS: -26.027758°, 152.793543°
Phone: (07) 5486 5144
Web: http://www.standown.com.au
Email: [email protected]
Pet Friendly: Yes

Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast Qld

A Sunshine State Of Mind

Welcome to the radiant Sunshine Coast, QLD, where every sunrise paints a new adventure and every sunset whispers tales of unforgettable moments. From laid-back beach days to thrilling hinterland escapades, the Sunshine Coast beckons with open arms and a promise of everlasting sunshine.

Salty Kisses and Sandy Toes: Beach Bliss on the Sunshine Coast

The heart of the Sunshine Coast lies in its stunning beaches, where the golden sands meet the azure waves in a dance of eternal beauty. From the vibrant energy of Mooloolaba Beach to the tranquil shores of Noosa Main Beach, the options are as diverse as the coastal hues. Dive into the active waters or lounge under the sun – the beach is your canvas, and the day is yours to paint.

Active voices resonate as surfers conquer the waves, families build sandcastles, and beachgoers revel in the simple joy of sunbathing. Transition effortlessly from the bustle of daily life to the rhythmic soundtrack of the ocean, where the Sunshine Coast’s beaches become not just destinations but reflections of a sun-kissed lifestyle.

Hinterland Havens: Nature’s Embrace

Beyond the coastal allure, the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland unveils a tapestry of greenery, waterfalls, and scenic trails. Places like the Glass House Mountains and Kondalilla National Park invite you to escape into nature’s embrace. Active voices resound in the crunch of leaves beneath your hiking boots and the serenity of panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Enjoy lush landscapes where the air is crisp and the only sounds are the rustle of leaves and the melody of bird calls. These hinterland havens are not just destinations; they are gateways to a slower pace, where time seems to stand still amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Sunshine Coast’s natural wonders.

Oceanic Delights: Marine Encounters

For those who enjoy the sea the Sunshine Coast offers a variety of oceanic adventures. Dive into the vibrant underwater world at the exuberant SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium or embark on a marine safari to witness the majestic humpback whales during their migration season.

Active voices echo in the excitement of spotting dolphins frolicking in the waves or marvelling at the kaleidoscopic coral formations. Marine encounters are not just activities; they are intimate moments with the ocean that make connections with the marine life that graces the shores of the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast’s Culinary Odyssey

The Sunshine foodie scene is a delightful journey of flavours where local produce joins with innovative chefs. Explore the markets such as the Noosa Farmers Market where stalls overflow with fresh seasonal delights. Savour the catch of the day at waterfront restaurants or indulge in a leisurely brunch at one of the cosy cafes dotted along the coast.

Active voices come alive in the clinking of glasses, the sizzle of seafood on the grill, and the laughter of friends gathered around a table. Experience a celebration of the region’s harvest and discover the culinary artistry that defines the Sunshine Coasts eating landscape.

Adrenaline Unleashed: A Thrill-seekers Paradise

For those who seek an adrenaline rush the Sunshine Coast offers a playground of exciting activities. Conquer the skies with tandem skydiving over the stunning coastline or test your surfing skills with lessons at Coolum Beach. Active voices ring in the shouts of triumph as adventure enthusiasts paraglide over the lush landscapes or zip-line through the treetops in the heart of the rainforest.

These adrenaline-fueled experiences are not just activities; they are heart-pounding tales of bravery and triumph, etching memories that linger long after the adventure concludes.

Standown Park (Kui Parks)

Standown Park (Kui Parks)

Culture And Creativity

The Sunshine Coast is not just a haven for nature lovers, it’s a canvas for artistic expression. Explore the vibrant street art of Caloundra or wander through the galleries of Montville, where local artists showcase their talents. Join in workshops, witness live performances and immerse yourself in the cultural artistry that colours the Sunshine Coast’s creative landscape.

Active voices resonate in the applause of a captivating performance or the shared enthusiasm of art aficionados exploring the diverse exhibits. This festival of artistry is not just a cultural journey, it’s an invitation to connect with the creative spirit that thrives on the Sunshine Coast.

Family Fun: Sunshine Coast For All Ages

The Sunshine Coast is a family friendly haven. Visit the iconic Australia Zoo where wildlife encounters and conservation efforts come together in a perfect blend of education and excitement. Navigate the twists and turns of the Ginger Factory’s charming rides or make a splash at the Bellingham Maze – where every corner reveals a new family adventure.

Active voices fill the air as children’s laughter mingles with the excited chatter of parents exploring family-friendly attractions. These family fun galore activities are not just outings; they are the building blocks of cherished family memories on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunset Serenity: Evenings On The Coast

As the day winds down the Sunshine Coast transforms into a serene haven offering a variety of ways to embrace the tranquillity of the evening. Enjoy a peaceful sunset cruise along the Noosa River or unwind with a beachfront picnic as the sun dips below the horizon.

Active voices soften into whispers as the coastal breeze carries the day’s last warmth. These moments of sunset serenity are not just activities; they are the quiet, reflective pauses that allow you to savour the beauty of the day’s experiences.

Sunshine Memories: Wrapping Up Your Coastal Adventure

As your Sunshine Coast adventure draws to a close, let the memories linger like the warmth of the sun on your skin. The Sunshine Coast is an experience, an invitation to embrace life under the sun. From beachside bliss to hinterland hikes, every moment is a chapter in your Sunshine Coast story.

Remember that the Sunshine Coast’s wonders are not just activities to check off a list, they are the threads weaving together the fabric of your unforgettable coastal journey.