Geocaching Around Grenfell

Another day out geocaching around Grenfell. We were camped at Wentworth Station out from Bimbi NSW. Most of todays 11 finds were actually pretty easy!

Out and about today doing some more geocaching this time between Bimbi and Grenfell. Found 11 of them and had no fails. Got my arm cut open by a feral shrubbery. Amanda got stabbed in the leg by a cactus (that was funnier than my arm). Ripper of a day exploring the countryside!

What Did We Find Geocaching Around Grenfell.

  • XVE 394 – GC5GGKR
    Nice easy one be careful they bite. This is where Amandas’ leg got pokeybootzed by a cactus!
  • The Kookaburra Nest – GC5H5K3
    Watch out for the apostle bird standing guard over the Kookaburra. This is where my arm got slashed by a feral shrubbery.
  • Remember The Daze – GC4T1R2
    This was a doozy took some shade while writing it up.
  • Hedging Your Bets – GC4QFPW
    Took a while but this was a beauty.
  • Ye Olde Quarry – GC58403
    Great find Easter weekend 2024.
  • Derribong – GC5H6Y6
    Look up not down great hide.
  • The Marble Yard – GC4WNGG
    Nice easy one. Beautiful place.
  • Thompsons Lane – GC4XFJV
    Took a little something left a little something. This is not something one would normally do.
  • The Turland Children – GC4NG8R
    Great hide. Another sad story of the bush from our early pioneering days.
  • The Truck Stop – GC4TTJV
    If you walk to far you will trip over this one.
  • Bimbi LKA – GC4W597
    Easy but cool hide.

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Getting To Grenfell

To get to Grenfell from Sydney by car follow these directions:

  1. Start by getting onto the M4 Motorway heading west out of Sydney.
  2. Continue on the M4 for approximately 170 kilometers until you reach the city of Bathurst.
  3. Once in Bathurst, take the exit onto the Great Western Highway (A32) heading towards Lithgow.
  4. Stay on the Great Western Highway for about 90 kilometers until you reach the town of Lithgow.
  5. In Lithgow, continue on the Great Western Highway until you reach the town of Wallerawang.
  6. In Wallerawang, turn right onto the Castlereagh Highway (A41) heading towards Mudgee.
  7. Follow the Castlereagh Highway for approximately 75 kilometers until you reach the town of Kandos.
  8. In Kandos, continue straight on the Castlereagh Highway (A41) towards Mudgee.
  9. After approximately 15 kilometers, you’ll reach the town of Rylstone. Continue straight on the Castlereagh Highway.
  10. Follow the Castlereagh Highway for another 55 kilometers until you reach Grenfell.

These directions should get you from Sydney to Grenfell by car. Make sure to consult a map or GPS for real-time traffic updates and any road closures.

Travel From to GrenfellDistanceTime
Wagga Wagga189km02:05