Geocaching West Wyalong And Barmedman

A day out geocaching West Wyalong and Barmedman NSW. We headed out from where we were camped at Bimbi NSW at about 9am and didn’t get back until around 4.30pm. It was a pretty full day. 

Out and about today doing some more geocaching this time around West Wyalong and Barmedman. Most of the ones we found were pretty easy except for the one in the war memorial park in Barmedman. That one had Dave on his hands and knees and lying flat on his back with a torch for about ten minutes trying to find where the geocache was hidden. After checking everything over and over again finally it was found. . All in all though it was a good fun day – we can highly recommend getting off your arse and getting out and about geocaching West Wyalong and Barmedman!

Geocaching west Wyalong Dave Being A Billygoat

Geocaching west Wyalong Dave Being A Billygoat

What Did We Find Geocaching West Wyalong And Barmedman NSW

  • Found Rocky | GCA86ZZ
    My hubby the old Billy goat gruff found it again
  • Found Barmeds Dead End | GC45DDQ
    Great quick find on our way back to Bimbi
  • Found Lest We Forget Barmedman | GC45DDK
    Hubby found because I don’t put my hands where they are not wanted ????
  • Found YIDDA | GC45DBR
    Very wet thought we might need a boat June 2024
  • Found Cooinda Park | GC2P5ZX
    Great easy find ty
  • Found Charcoal Tank Road | GC7PZDY
    After a trip and a stumble I gathered myself an found it
  • Found Charcoal Tank Rest Area | GC7PZC7
    Watch your not stepping in someone’s business
  • Found Fallen Giant On The Road To Nowhere | GC7T9QP
    Nice easy walk to find

Amanda Found Another Geocache

Amanda Found Another Geocache

Geocaching West Wyalong And Barmedman Gallery

Getting To west Wyalong From Sydney By Car

Driving from Sydney to West Wyalong is a journey of approximately 470 kilometres (about 292 miles) and typically takes around 5-6 hours depending on traffic and road conditions. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Start in Sydney
    Get on the M4 motorway from your starting point in Sydney.
  2. Follow the M4 Motorway
    Head west on the M4. The M4 will eventually become the Great Western Highway/A32.
  3. Continue on the A32
    Stay on the A32/Great Western Highway for about 55 kilometres until you reach the junction with the M7 motorway.
  4. Take the M7 Motorway
    Merge onto the M7 motorway (North-Western Motorway) via the ramp to Liverpool. Follow signs for M7/Goulburn/Canberra.
  5. Exit onto the M4 Motorway
    Continue on the M7 for about 25 kilometres. Then take the exit onto the M4 motorway toward Penrith.
  6. Continue on the M4
    Follow the M4 motorway for another 30 kilometres until you reach the junction with the A32 at Lapstone.
  7. Continue on the Great Western Highway (A32)
    Stay on the Great Western Highway (A32) through the Blue Mountains, passing through towns like Katoomba and Lithgow. This part of the journey will take you through scenic mountain roads and small towns.
  8. Merge onto the Mitchell Highway (A32) at Bathurst
    When you reach Bathurst, continue following the A32, which becomes the Mitchell Highway. This highway will take you through Blayney and on to Cowra.
  9. From Cowra to West Wyalong
    At Cowra, follow signs for the Mid Western Highway (B64) toward Grenfell. Continue on the Mid Western Highway until you reach West Wyalong. This section is about 150 kilometres.
  10. Arrive in West Wyalong
    Follow local directions to your specific destination within West Wyalong.


  • Sydney to Blue Mountains: Follow the M4 and A32.
  • Blue Mountains to Bathurst: Continue on the Great Western Highway (A32).
  • Bathurst to Cowra: Stay on the Mitchell Highway (A32).
  • Cowra to West Wyalong: Follow the Mid Western Highway (B64).

Make sure to check for any roadworks or closures that may affect your journey and consider breaks for rest and fuel. Have a safe trip!

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