Driving in Wingello State Forest Looking For Camp Sites

We went for a drive in Wingello State Forest today scoping out some camp sites for future camping trips. We have stayed here before in the main camp ground but we figured there must be more options available.

Driving in the state forest can be a bit rough. We had the ute in 4wd most of the way and down along the back fence we had it in low range for a climb up a very steep and sandy hill. As usual you know the drill when going out 4wding in places like State Forests. Let someone know where you are going and when you expect you’ll be back. Take basic recovery gear such a shovel and recovery boards and know how to use them. A tyre deflator sometimes comes in handy to reduce tyre pressure if the tracks are sandy and a 12v compressor is a great idea for when you need re-inflate.

We probably spent a few hours driving around and we did find some really great camp sites. You’ll need a capable 4wd to get in to most of them, particularly if like us you are towing a small offroad van. Offroad camper trailers would have no trouble at all. You need to be fully self contained as there are no facilities outside of the main campground. The main campground has a couple of drop toilets. There’s no water available either. There are lots of great camping spots in Wingello State Forest once you get in there and have a bit of a look around.

View From One Of The Camp Sites

View From One Of The Camp Sites

At one site we came across some rubbish left behind by some inconsiderate campers so we cleaned it up and took it out with us. Really people, these state forests are free for us to camp in so how about doing the right thing and cleaning up after yourselves so that they remain open. It’s not that hard to take your rubbish with you when you leave and put it in a bin.

Next Time Take Your Rubbish With You And Don't Leave It Lying Around For Someone Else To Clean Up You Grubs

Next Time Take Your Rubbish With You And Don’t Leave It Lying Around For Someone Else To Clean Up You Grubs