Easy Camp Oven Osso Buco Ragout Recipe

When Osso Buco is cooked low and slow in a camp oven the meat becomes very tender – the marrow softens adding extra richness to this meal. Osso Buco is a cut of meat from the beef shank that has been cut into round sections. The shank is a muscle that wraps around a marrow-rich bone. This recipe has very little preparation and serving time but a long cook time. Perfect for maximising beer time around the camp fire!

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 3 to 6 Hours
Serves: 2 to 4

Osso Buco Halfway Cooked

Osso Buco Halfway Cooked

Ingredients For Camp Oven Osso Buco

  • Osso Buco – at least one piece per serving
  • 1 x Packet McCormick Beef & Mushroom Ragout
  • 2 x Rashers of Bacon
  • 4 x Medium Carrots
  • 1 x Can of Diced Tomatoes
  • 1 x Medium Onion
  • 200gm x Fresh Mushrooms
  • Deb Instant Mashed Potato (Or Boiled Mashed potatoes If You Prefer)

Camp Oven Osso Buco Preparation


Cooking Instructions

  1. Roughly chop bacon, mushrooms, onion and carrots and put them in your camp oven
  2. Open can of mushrooms and tip in to camp oven and give it all a stir
  3. Open packet of McCormick Beef & Mushroom Ragout and sprinkle over mixture in camp oven and stir to combine
  4. Put Osso Buco pieces in to camp oven and give it all another stir to combine – make sure you get a good coating on the Osso Buco
  5. Put the camp oven over your coals. We want a long slow cook so if you have a tripod and can hang the camp oven over something to elevate it off the coals then even better. Put some coals on the lid and leave it to simmer. You can use heat beads if that’s your preference.
  6. Check after 20 minutes to see if you have the temperature right – it should be a slow cook with just a bubble every now and then
  7. Cook for between 3 and 6 hours – the longer and slower the better. Check and stir regularly and if it needs a bit more liquid just add a dash of water

Camp Oven Osso Buco On The Coals

Camp Oven Osso Buco On The Coals

Serving Instructions

  1. Serve on a bed of Deb Instant Mashed Potato or on your favourite mashed spud.
  2. Don’t forget a few bread rolls or slices of bread to soak up the gravy at the end.
  3. Enjoy!

Osso Buco Served And Ready To Eat

Camp Oven Osso Buco Served And Ready To Eat