How To Season A Spun Steel Camp Oven

Your spun steel camp oven need to be seasoned before being used for the the first time. Follow our simple foolproof method. The same method can be used to season a cast iron camp oven.

How To Season A Spun Steel Camp Oven

How To Season A Spun Steel Camp Oven

Step 1. Give It A Wash

Give your camp oven a wash with mildly soapy water to remove any machine oil residue that was used during the manufacturing process. Then completely dry the camp oven. If any manufacturing oil or residue remains, wipe it away with a paper towel.

Washing Your Camp Oven

Washing Your Camp Oven

Step 2. Apply Some Oil

I recommend using rice bran oil but any high temperature food grade cooking oil will work. Lightly cover the inside and outside of the camp oven.

Best Oil To Season Your Camp Oven With Is Rice Bran Oil

Best Oil To Season Your Camp Oven With Is Rice Bran Oil

Step 3. Get Some Heat In To Your Spun Steel Camp Oven

Now you need to get the camp oven hot for about thirty minutes by heating all surfaces with the lid on. There are two methods:

  1. Use a fire. Leave the lid on your camp oven while surrounding it with coals, and cover it with the lid on.
  2. You can use your camp oven under a hooded BBQ if the lid is on. This is the way I prefer to do it.

Season Your Camp Oven On A BBQ

Season Your Spun Steel Camp Oven On A BBQ

Step 4. Let It Cool

After heating allow it to cool completely.

Step 5. Repeat The Process A Few More Times

Allow to totally cool. Lightly coat with oil. Repeat this step two or three times. Now it’s time to use it so start cooking!

Your oven will turn a brown colour in the beginning. Don’t worry if it looks uneven or patchy. Your camp oven will become darker and more consistent in colour the more you use it.

Step 6. Caring For Your Seasoned Spun Steel Camp Oven

After each use clean thoroughly with warm water then place on heat to dry. Coat it with a light film of oil and store in a dry place. We store ours in a canvas bag.

What If I Do All Of The Above And My Spun Steel Camp Oven Looks Like a Dogs Breakfast?

If your oven seasoning looks a bit uneven when you first use it don’t worry about it. The colour will become darker and more consistent the more you use it. In the event that the seasoning on your camp oven looks shabby at any time repeat the seasoning process as described above starting from step 2.


Both of our spun steel camp ovens are Aussie made from Southern Metal Spinners. We have had them for about four years now and they have completely replaced our cast iron camp ovens. The seasoning process is identical for spun steel and cast iron camp ovens.