Geocaching Around Marrar – Coolamon – Berry Jerry

Another day out geocaching around Marrar, Coolamon and Berry Jerry NSW. We headed out from home at Cootamundra at about 9.00am and didn’t get home until about 6.00pm. It was a pretty full day. All up I think we covered around 350km.

Out and about today doing some more geocaching this time between Marrar and Berry Jerry taking in Coolamon. Found 27 of them and had no fails except for one at the old schoolhouse at Kinilibah that was clearly missing. We replaced the cache as best we could with an old lolly tin and a piece of paper inside a zip lock bag. I had to shovel in 30 grams of cashews to empty the bag. Have you ever had to shovel down a bag of nuts in a hurry? It’s bloody harder than you think! It was a ripper of a day exploring the countryside.

Out The Back Of Berry Jerry Geocaching

Out The Back Of Berry Jerry Geocaching

We had lunch at Redgrave Park in Coolamon. It’s a really nice park that backs onto the caravan park. It’s got electric BBQs, undercover tables and like everything else in Coolamon it’s all exceptionally well looked after. Coolamon is a very pretty town.

What Did We Find Geocaching Around Marrar – Coolamon – Berry Jerry NSW

  • Found NAR – Old Junee | GCA3VXZ
    Nice cache in very good condition.
  • Found WHEAT – Riverina Crops | GC7XCC3
    Nice find still a bit damp
  • Found TD 047 – Riverina Crops | GC7XCAN
    Great hide still a bit damp
  • BARLEY – Riverina Crops | GC7XCCD
    Another great hide but the smell was ripe
  • OATS – Riverina Crops | GC7XCCH
    Found it but wire is broken handle with care
  • CANOLA – Riverina Crops | GC7XCCP
    Great hide but no good for hobbits
  • SAFFLOWER – Riverina Crops | GC7XCCR
    Bushier than first thought but found it
  • LUPINS – Riverina Crops | GC7XCCV
    Sneaky little hide walked pass it 3-4 times
  • FABA BEANS – Riverina Crops | GC7XCD6
    Great hide
  • FIELD PEAS – Riverina Crops | GC7XCD8
    Found it. I use to be young and green now I’m old and decrepit
  • SORGHUM – Riverina Crops | GC7XCDA
    Found great hide
  • CORN – Riverina Crops | GC7XCDD
    Found it. The angle has to right
  • RICE – Riverina Crops | GC7XCDF
    This one we found easy
  • Coolamon Cemetery | GC9MK54
    Great hide
  • A Little Rocky | GC9MMHA
    Emeralds are hard to find
  • No Rubbish, No Shooting | GC67HCT
    Great little hide
  • Coolamon TSR | GC9N7GG
    If dogs could bark this would be easy
  • Welcome to Kindra | GC9GV7Y
    Nice walk in the bush not to far from garden table
  • Kissing Rock Lookout | GC67HC2
    It’s a long way down to the bottom. Nice hide
  • Kinilibah School Site | GC67HEF
    Unfortunately I think this cache has been lost so we have replaced it as best we could
  • Olives for T? | GC67HE1
    Great hide watch out for the burrs
  • Berry Jerry Drive-By | GC67HB7
    Cowabunga we found it
  • Who Drew The Short Straw? | GC67HER
    Had to fight the ants for this one but I won
  • North Berry Jerry Fire Station | GC67HDV
    We are on fire today
  • North Berry Jerry Cemetery | GC67HDD
    Very old cemetery
  • Environmentally Friendly | GC95D14
    Great hide be careful where you walk 8 legged friends everywhere
  • NAR – Truckless Parking | GC7WH69
    Need to dig deep for this one

Another Geocache

Another Geocache

Geocaching Around Marrar – Coolamon – Berry Jerry Gallery

Getting To Coolamon From Sydney By Car

Here are driving instructions from Sydney to Coolamon NSW.

  1. Start on the M1 motorway heading south from Sydney.
  2. Stay on the M1 until you reach the exit for the M5 motorway towards Canberra.
  3. Merge onto the M5 motorway and continue driving west.
  4. After approximately 30 kilometers, take the exit onto the Hume Highway (M31) towards Goulburn.
  5. Stay on the Hume Highway for about 250 kilometers, passing through towns like Goulburn and Yass.
  6. As you approach Wagga Wagga, take the exit onto the Olympic Highway (B41) towards Junee.
  7. Follow the Olympic Highway for around 35 kilometers until you reach Junee.
  8. In Junee, continue straight through the town on the Olympic Highway.
  9. After leaving Junee, drive for about 30 kilometres until you reach Coolamon.

You’ll arrive in Coolamon after approximately a 4 to 5 hour drive depending on traffic and road conditions. Enjoy your trip!

Travel From to Coolamon NSWDistanceTime
Wagga Wagga41km00:30