The Ultimate Guide To Choosing And Using A Jerry Can Holder

Uncover the ultimate jerry can holder! Secure your fuel effortlessly and travel worry-free. Must-have for every adventurer! When heading out to travel this great country whether it’s off-roading, camping, or a long-distance road trip fuel management becomes a critical aspect of the journey. A jerry can holder is an indispensable accessory for safely transporting extra fuel.

What Is A Jerry Can Holder?

A jerry can holder is a specially designed bracket or container used to securely hold a jerry can. Jerry cans, originally designed for military use, are robust fuel containers that come in various sizes, typically 20 litres. The holder ensures that the jerry can is securely fastened to your vehicle or storage area, preventing it from moving around during transit and reducing the risk of spills or accidents.

Types of Jerry Can Holders

Vehicle Mounted Holders

These holders are designed to attach to various parts of your vehicle, such as the roof rack, rear bumper, or spare tire mount. Vehicle mounted holders are ideal for off-road vehicles, ensuring easy access to extra fuel without compromising interior space.

Supreme Getaway Front Mounted Jerry Can Holders

Supreme Getaway Front Mounted Jerry Can Holders

Rear Bar Mounted Jerry Can Holders

Perfect for those who have a caravan. A jerry can holder mounted to the rear bar of your caravan or RV is a perfect and very popular way to mount to and carry your jerry cans.

If using a rear bar mounted jerry holder it is very important to do both of the below things.

Check the legality of carrying jerry cans of fuel in the impact zone of your caravan or RV in the states and territories you plan to travel in.

Check with your caravan or RV manufacturer if the rear bar you are going to use to mount your jerry can holders on is rated to carry the rate of the holder, jerry can and jerry can contents.

Wall Mounted Holders

Wall mounted holders are ideal for garage and workshops. They keep your jerry cans organised and up off the ground, reducing clutter and making it easy to access fuel when needed.

Materials Used In Jerry Can Holders

The material a jerry can holder is manufactured from is crucial to it’s reliability, durability and safety. Some commonly used materials include,


Steel holders are incredibly durable and can withstand harsh conditions. They are often powder-coated or galvanised to prevent rust and corrosion.


Lighter than steel, aluminium holders offer good durability and are resistant to rust. They are an excellent choice for weight sensitive applications such as ute tray canopies.


Plastic holders are lightweight and are a no rust option. However they may not be as durable as steel or aluminium making them better suited for lighter loads or less extreme conditions.

Rear Bar Jerry Can Holder (Photo Courtesy DS Custom Toolboxes)

Rear Bar Jerry Can Holder (Photo Courtesy DS Custom Toolboxes)

Key Features to Look For

When choosing a jerry can holder consider the following features:


A good jerry can holder should have secure locking mechanisms to prevent theft and ensure the jerry can stays in place during transit.

Ease of Access

Consider how easily you can access the jerry can when it’s in the holder. Some designs allow for quick removal and replacement, which can be crucial during emergencies.


Ensure the holder is compatible with the type and size of jerry can you use. Some holders are designed for specific jerry cans, while others are more universal.


Choose a holder made from high-quality materials that can withstand the conditions you’ll be exposing it to. Durability is key for both safety and longevity.

Mounting Options

Different holders offer various mounting options. Ensure the holder you choose can be mounted in a way that suits your needs and vehicle or storage setup.

Drawbar Jerry Can Holders Jayco All Terrain

Drawbar Jerry Can Holders Jayco All Terrain

Benefits of Using a Jerry Can Holder


Safety is the primary benefit of using a jerry can holder. It secures the jerry can, preventing it from moving around and potentially causing spills or accidents.


A jerry can holder provides easy access to extra fuel, which is particularly useful during long trips or in remote areas where fuel stations are scarce.

Space Efficiency

By mounting the jerry can outside the vehicle or in an organised manner, you free up valuable interior space for other essential gear and supplies.


A good jerry can holder protects the jerry can from damage and weather elements, prolonging its lifespan and ensuring the fuel remains uncontaminated.

Installation Tips

Read the Manual

Always read the installation manual provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you understand the specific requirements and steps for your holder model.

Use Proper Tools

Make sure you have the right tools for the job. Using the wrong tools or type of tool can lead to a dodgy installation which can end with dodgy results!

Secure Mounting Points

Ensure the mounting points on your vehicle or storage area are secure and capable of handling the weight and stress of the jerry can and holder.

Double Check

After installation double check all fastenings and connections. Ensure the jerry can is securely held and there is no movement during transit.

Maintenance and Care

Regular Inspection

Regularly inspect the jerry can holder for any signs of wear and tear. Check for rust, cracks, or any damage that could compromise its integrity.


Keep the holder and the jerry can clean. Dirt and debris can cause wear and rust, especially in metal holders.


For holders with moving parts or locks occasional lubrication can keep them functioning smoothly and prevent rust.

Caravan Drawbar Jerry Can Holder (Photo Courtesy Expandas Downunder)

Caravan Drawbar Jerry Can Holder (Photo Courtesy Expandas Downunder)


When not in use, store the jerry can and holder in a dry, sheltered area to prevent exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Popular Brands and Models

Aussie Traveller

The Aussie Traveller Jerry Can Holder provides a safe and secure storage solution for standard 20 litre metal jerry cans. It features mounting holes to secure your holder to your caravan, RV or vehicle for permanent storage, as well as rubber pads to protect against damage and reduce rattling when your on the road.

EZ Toolboxes

EZ Toolboxes make a range of aluminium jerry can holders. Light strong and good looking they are perfect for your canopy and toolboxes.

Dunn & Watson

A trusted name in the off-road community Dunn & Watson jerry can holders are designed to withstand the toughest conditions.


ARKcorp offer innovative holders that are popular among off-road enthusiasts for their versatility and ease of use.

Tips for Safe Fuel Storage

Use Approved Containers

Always use approved jerry cans designed for fuel storage. Improper containers can leak or break, posing serious safety risks.

Avoid Overfilling

Never overfill the jerry can. Leave some space to allow for fuel expansion, especially in hot weather.

Store in a Cool, Ventilated Area

Store fuel in a cool, ventilated area away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prevent pressure build-up and reduce the risk of fire.

Label Your Containers

Label your jerry cans clearly to avoid confusion. This is important if you’re carrying different types of fuel or other liquids. Nobody wants to accidentally upend a jerry can full of diesel into their caravans fresh water tank.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ignoring Manufacturer Guidelines

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for both the jerry can and holder. Ignoring these can lead to improper use and potential safety hazards.

Poor Installation

Improper installation of the holder can result in the jerry can becoming loose during transit. Ensure all fittings are secure and checked regularly.


Don’t overload your vehicle or holder with more weight than it can handle. This can cause damage and increase the risk of accidents – and we don’t want that eh!

Neglecting Maintenance

Regular maintenance of both the jerry can and holder is crucial. Neglecting this can lead to premature wear and potential safety issues.


A jerry can holder is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to carry extra fuel safely and efficiently. By choosing the right holder, properly installing it, and maintaining it well, you can ensure a safe and convenient fuel transportation solution. Whether you’re an off-road adventurer, a camper, or someone who just loves a good road trip investing in a high quality jerry can holder will improve your adventures and provide peace of mind. Prioritise safety, compatibility, and durability to make the most out of your jerry can holder and enjoy your journeys without fuel worries.

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