Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper Installation


Our Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper installation has a reinforced one piece truck mesh trapeze style stone guard. It protects our car and All Terrain caravan from, rocks, bitumen and road debris. It’s designed and manufactured in Australia using Australian made products.

We do a lot off offroad and dirt road travel so we’ve installed an aussie made Stone Stomper® to protect our tow vehicle and Jayco All Terrain offroad caravan. It’s a bit of an investment but in the long run we reckon it’ll be money well spent.

The Stone Stomper® protects the rear of our tow vehicle and canopy as well as the complete drawbar, DO35 hitch, drawbar tap, gas bottles, tool box and the front of the van. The mesh isn’t made from crappy old shade cloth like a lot of el cheapo home made jobs. The mesh on the Stone Stomper® fitted to our Jayco All Terrain is made from one piece truck mesh. Manufactured by professional canvas makers. Stone Stomper® make each order to custom fit your tow vehicle, tow hitch setup and caravan or camper trailer. All provided metal work is laser cut and electroplated for durability.

Stone Stomper On Jayco All Terrain At Beresford Siding On The Oodnadatta Track

Stone Stomper On Jayco All Terrain At Beresford Siding On The Oodnadatta Track

Ordering Our Stone Stomper

I sent them an email and they got back to me quickly with an info pack outlining what measurements they needed to custom manufacture our Stone Stomper as well as questions about our tow vehicle and hitch. I took a photo of the van a frame from both front on and side on and took the measurements, made up a diagram and emailed it through to them. After ordering the Stone Stomper was delivered to us in under a week, this was in August 2020. They reckon it can take longer than this at times depanding upon demand which varies at different times of the year.

Stone Stomper Drawbar Measurements

Stone Stomper Jayco All Terrain Drawbar Measurements

Installing Our Stone Stomper

It took me less than 30 minutes to install The Stone Stomper®. Connecting and disconnecting takes us less than 10 seconds. The kit comes complete with everything you need to install it. I had to do drill a few holes and then use the provided tek screws to mount the mounting points on the van, I used some silicone underneath the bracket to prevent any water ever getting in.

Bracket Fitted To Jayco All Terrain

Stone Stomper Bracket Fitted To Jayco All Terrain

Because the Jayco All Terrain has an extended drawbar the people at Stone Stomper recommended a second set of mounting points on the front of the toolbox. These were easy to fit. A few more pilot holes, a dab of silicone then three tek screws in each side and it is job done. The extra brackets do make a difference to how the StoneStomper fits on our Jaycl All Terrain and it was a great suggestion from the StoneStomper team.

Stone Stomper Jayco All Terrain Toolbox Support Brackets Fitted

Jayco All Terrain Toolbox Support Brackets Fitted

I then wrapped the provided foam around potential rub points and cable tied it in place. It didn’t say to in the instructions however I then wrapped the foam in insulation tape to make it look nice and neat.

Finally I had to fit the rear bar section to the ute. We use a DO35 hitch so I ordered the correct bar section and flaps to suit. I used the high tensile steel bolts with Nyloc nuts provided in the kit. Stone Stomper really don’t skimp on the quality it’s all top shelf stuff.

Stone Stomper Rear Bar Fitted To Nissan Navara NP300

Rear Bar Fitted To Nissan Navara NP300

Stone Stomper® Gives Your Vehicle And Caravan Or Camper Trailer Maximum Protection

With Stone Stomper® the vehicle is not only protected but the entire A frame, gas bottles, brake cables, coupling and front of the van from damaging stones, rocks and debris. Additionally it prevents tar stains on the van due to bitumen and in the wet it prevents road spray from deflecting onto the van’s front from the towing vehicle.

There Is More To Stone Stomper® Than Planned Off-road Use

Often, you come across road works on bitumen with wet tar and stones only to be diverted to a dirt bypass. During your journey, your plans may change, as one of our recent customers reported after a three-month trip to North Queensland. With his newly purchased on-road Jayco Sterling, he had no intention of venturing off-road. Lawn Hill National Park, 180 kilometers of dirt roads away, was recommended as a ‘must see’ along the way. He was glad he had fitted a Stone Stomper® before leaving, keeping his car and van in pristine condition.

The truck mesh we manufacture is reinforced ONE PIECE, not shade cloth. To ensure maximum protection, each order is tailored to fit individual measurements. There is a 12 month warranty on all metal work that is laser cut and electroplated for durability.

Jayco All Terrain With StoneStomper Fitted

Jayco All Terrain With Stone Stomper Fitted

Stone Stomper® Fits Easily To Most Towball Hitches

The Stone Stomper® fits existing Hayman Reese/Eaz-Lift WDHs, Treg/Triggs, DO35s, AT35s, OzHitchs, Hitch-Ezys, Mitchell Bros., McHitchs, Hylands, as well as standard tow ball hitches. All types of hitches can be equipped with a variety of bar attachment options. The different bar options we offer ensure mesh coverage and protection is maximized by mounting the bar as closely as possible to the vehicle. Stone stomper® attaches to the tow bar and vehicle without drilling or modification. Your existing hitch will fit all bar attachment options.

Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper – How Much Did It Cost?

All up our Stone Stomper delivered to our door in rural NSW was $735. This included the additional support brackets for the front of the Jayco All Terrain Toolbox. The one we bought previously for our Supreme Getaway offroad caravan was $675 delivered to our door in rural NSW back in 2019. This included additional pads to prevent chafing by the bottom of the jerry can holders.

Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper – How Long Did It Take After Ordering To Be Delivered?

We were quoted a lead time of 9 weeks for the delivery of our Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper. They were good to their word and delivered it to us in 8 weeks from the time the order was finalised and paid for. As an aside, the one we bought three years ago only took a week to be delivered. I think this is a great testimony to just how popular Stone Stompers have become. It’s awesome to see an aussie manufacturer using aussie materials doing so well!

Jayco All Terrain Stone Stomper – Conclusion

We had one installed on our previous caravan and it really did an awesome job. When we bought the new Jayco All Terrain installing a StoneStomper was a complete no brainer. It was the first thing we did. We’ve already done a few offroad trips (Oodnadatta Track amongst other places)  with the Stone Stomper installed and the front of the caravan doesn’t have a mark on it.