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Teardrop campers are small, lightweight trailers that have captured the hearts of Aussie campers for decades with their charming design and practicality. Camping has always been a favourite pastime for outdoor loving aussies. Offering a chance to escape the daily grind and connect with nature.

One of the most enduring symbols of this outdoor lifestyle is the teardrop camper. These small, lightweight trailers have captured the hearts of campers for decades with their charming design and practicality. In this comprehensive blog post we dig into the world of teardrop campers, exploring their history, benefits, design, amenities, and the reasons why they continue to be a popular choice for Australian campers of all kinds.

History of Teardrop CampersBenefits of Teardrop CampersTeardrop Camper FeaturesReasons To Choose A Teardrop CamperPopular Teardrop Camper Brands1. AdventureMan Teardrop Campers2. Caretta Teardrop Caravans3. Century Trailers4. Cool Beans Campers5. Getaway Teardrop Campers6. Gold Coast Teardrop Campers7. Gumnut Campers8. Jayco9. Little Guy10. Livin Life Teardrop Campers11. Marli Campers12. Navitear Campers13. Nimble Campers14. Origin Campers15. Oz Canopies & 4×416. Ridge Teardrop Campers17. Riptide Campers18. Smidge Teardrop Campers19. Stonegate Industries20. The Teardrop Camper Company21. Trackstar Campers22. Travelbug Teardrop Campers23. Wild Monkey Campers24. WotpodsConclusion

History of Teardrop Campers

The history of teardrop campers dates back to the early 20th century when camping began to grow in popularity. The first known teardrop camper was built in the 1930s during the Great Depression as a DIY project. These early teardrops were small, streamlined and provided a basic shelter for camping. They were usually constructed from wood and featured a distinctive teardrop shape which led to their name.

Teardrop campers gained more widespread recognition in the post-World War II era when the popularity of road trips and camping vacations surged. These campers were affordable and easily towed behind compact cars making them an ideal choice for families looking to explore the great outdoors. Over time manufacturers started producing teardrop campers leading to various designs and innovations that have continued to evolve into the present day.

Benefits of Teardrop Campers

  • Compact Size: One of the primary advantages of teardrop campers is their compact size. They are small enough to be towed by most vehicles, making them an excellent choice for campers who don’t want to invest in a large, gas-guzzling RV or who prefer not to drive a massive motorhome.
  • Easy Towing: Teardrop campers are exceptionally easy to tow, even for those with minimal towing experience. Their lightweight design and streamlined shape reduce wind resistance, allowing for a smoother and more fuel-efficient journey.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to traditional caravans or motorhomes teardrop campers are budget friendly options. Many campers choose to build their own teardrop campers, which can save even more money, while ready-made models offer excellent value for the features they provide.
  • Cosy and Comfortable: Despite their small size, teardrop campers are designed to maximise space. They typically include a comfortable sleeping area, storage, and basic amenities, ensuring a cosy and comfortable camping experience.
  • Versatility: Teardrop campers are suitable for a wide range of camping environments, from state parks to off-grid locations. Their off-road capabilities make them versatile for campers seeking remote adventures.


Teardrop campers are known for their unique design, characterised by a teardrop-shaped body that tapers to a point at the back. This design has several key features:

  • Exterior: The exterior shell of a teardrop camper is typically constructed from aluminium, fibreglass, or wood. These materials are durable, lightweight, and help maintain the iconic teardrop shape. The exterior often includes a rear hatch that opens to reveal the kitchen area.
  • Interior: Inside a teardrop camper, space is efficiently utilised. The sleeping area, usually a queen-sized bed, is positioned at the front, offering a cosy sleeping nook. Overhead cabinets and storage compartments maximise the available space. Some models may even include a pop-up roof for additional headroom.
  • Kitchen Area: The rear hatch opens to reveal a compact kitchen area. This area typically includes a sink, a two-burner stove, and storage for cookware and utensils. Teardrop campers may also feature a small refrigerator or cooler for keeping food and beverages cold.
  • Amenities: While teardrop campers are small, they are equipped with various amenities. These may include LED lighting, USB ports, ventilation systems, and even electrical hookups. Some teardrop campers have a built-in entertainment system or air conditioning, enhancing the camping experience.

Teardrop Camper Features

Despite their small size teardrop campers offer many amenities to ensure a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

  • Sleeping Area: The sleeping area typically accommodates a queen-sized mattress or two smaller sleeping berths. Some teardrop campers come with memory foam mattresses for added comfort.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen area includes a sink with running water and a two-burner stove. Some models may have a built-in refrigerator or a cooler, offering the convenience of preparing and storing meals.
  • Storage: Interior storage cabinets and shelves help campers organise their gear and essentials. There’s also space under the bed for larger items like camping chairs and outdoor equipment.
  • Climate Control: Many teardrop campers feature vents, fans, and sometimes air conditioning or heating systems to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, regardless of the weather.
  • Entertainment: Some teardrop campers come equipped with entertainment systems, including speakers, TV mounts, and electrical outlets for devices.
  • Awning: An awning can be attached to the exterior, providing shade and shelter for outdoor activities like cooking or relaxing.
  • Exterior Shower: Some teardrop campers are equipped with an outdoor shower, making it easy to rinse off after a day of hiking or swimming.

Reasons To Choose A Teardrop Camper

  • Efficiency: Teardrop campers are incredibly efficient in terms of size, weight, and fuel consumption. They allow you to travel without the need for a massive vehicle, and they’re easy to manoeuvre and park.
  • Cosy Camping: Teardrop campers offer a cosy and intimate camping experience. The compact sleeping area is ideal for couples or solo travellers, and the close proximity to nature enhances the sense of adventure.
  • Ease of Use: Towing a teardrop camper is straightforward, even for beginners. Hooking up to your vehicle and hitting the road is a breeze, making these campers an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free experience.
  • Cost Savings: Teardrop campers are generally more affordable than larger RVs or motorhomes, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious campers. DIY enthusiasts can save even more money by building their own.
  • Versatility: Teardrop campers are versatile and can adapt to different camping environments. Whether you prefer campgrounds with amenities or off-grid adventures, teardrop campers can handle both.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: With their smaller size and lower fuel consumption, teardrop campers have a reduced environmental impact compared to larger RVs, contributing to eco-friendly camping.

Popular Teardrop Camper Brands

If you’re considering a teardrop camper for your camping adventures, here are some popular brands to explore:

1. AdventureMan Teardrop Campers


AdventureMan Teardrop Campers manufactures tough teardrop caravans that are fully functional, light weight and agile little holiday homes that can follow you almost anywhere. Made and tested in Australia and loved for over 10 years.

ModelTareATMBall WeightPrice
Side Kick52055$14,500
High Country58065$17,200
X10 Camper70085$18,900

AdventureMan Treka Teardrop

AdventureMan Treka Teardrop – SOURCE: AdventureMan

2. Caretta Teardrop Caravans


Caretta teardrop caravans are incredibly compact, light and aerodynamic, with a fuel efficiency that can save you thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year. They are half the price of most standard sized caravans and have been designed to meet the challenges of Australian driving conditions.

Winners of the Caravan Industry Association of WA 2018 Innovation Award, our teardrop caravans feature a beautifully appointed sleeping interior and versatile kitchen complete with power and fridge. Plus comfort that is hard to believe in such a compact space.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)

Caretta Teardrop Camper

Caretta Teardrop Camper – SOURCE: Caretta

3. Century Trailers


The Century Trailers 10ft teardrop caravan is a compact and lightweight trailer designed for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy camping and exploring the great outdoors. Measuring 10ft in length, this teardrop camper is small enough to be towed by most vehicles, making it easy to take on your next adventure.

The exterior of the caravan features a sleek and stylish design with a durable aluminium frame and reinforced fiberglass body. The caravan is also equipped with a full galley kitchen, complete with a two-burner stove, sink, and plenty of storage space for cooking supplies and food.

Inside the caravan, you’ll find a comfortable sleeping area with a queen-size bed and plenty of headroom for sitting up. The caravan also features large windows that provide ample natural light and ventilation, as well as blackout curtains for privacy and a built-in sound system for entertainment.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
MERCURY10 10FT TEARDROP805150065$30,000

Century Trailers Mercury

Century Trailers Mercury – SOURCE: Century Trailers

4. Cool Beans Campers


ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Cool Beans Retro Model50075050$45,000
Cool Beans Off-Road Model65060$48,000

Cool Beans Campers

Cool Beans Campers – SOURCE: Cool Beans Campers

5. Getaway Teardrop Campers


Getaway Teardrop Campers build and sell teardrop & Square drop campers. Chassis & Aframes made from Australian steel.

Getaway Teardrop Campers

Getaway Teardrop Campers – SOURCE: Getaway Teardrop Campers

6. Gold Coast Teardrop Campers


The Caretta teardrop camper is easy to tow and no need to change your car or add electric brakes. It is Super light @ 550kg, with max load of 750kg & 45kg tow Ball weight. It is Quick an Easy set camp for the night, un hitch, pull on hand brake, level with jockey wheel. No winding legs down ! Just jump straight into bed, through the Extra wide Jumbo Doors, the largest on the market 800 x 800mm & designed for wheel chair access. To keep you warm at night or cool in summer, the Superior Sandwich Insulation, is a special material exclusive to Caretta proven product in the snow & harsh environment like Australia. The Superior Door seals for dust. No red dust in your sleeping cabin or kitchen is a must for a teardrop camper trailer in Australia & all Backed by 100% deposit refund if needed & 2 years warranty. Caretta has building caravans for 45 years exported to 43 countries & in Australia for over a decade.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Teardrop Camper55075050$27,999
Off Road Teardrop Camper680100065$31,999

Gold Coast Teardrop Campers Caretta

Gold Coast Teardrop Campers Caretta – SOURCE: Gold Coast Teardrop Campers

7. Gumnut Campers


“Proudly made right here in Victoria”
Gumnut Campers Zero set-up Teardrop Campers are made right here in Australia and offer a simplistic approach to caravanning and camping. Constructed with modern materials for strength, durability and insulation the Gumnut Camper is one of the lightest pod campers in the market today. Blending both Teardrop camper shape and Square drop design advantages, Gumnut Campers are the best of both worlds offering spacious cabins and a sheltered outdoor kitchen zone. Aerodynamic and economical towing is a breeze, compatible for most small cars whilst being off-grid camping ready. Start your camping adventures today.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
H1 Touring51080062$24,990
H1 Adventure6201000120$27,990
H1 Renegade Off-Road9001200170$35,990

Gumnut Campers

Gumnut Campers – SOURCE: Gumnut Campers

8. Jayco


Designed For Freedom. The J-Pod is a lightweight trailer perfect for couple’s or single’s wanting a short break. It can be towed behind your average sedan or small SUV, which opens up a world of RV travel to a new generation. If freedom and spontaneity are how you like to travel – The J-Pod is the RV made for your next adventure.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
J-Pod Sport76080$24,990
J-Pod Outback910120$30,190

Jayco JPod X

Jayco JPod X – SOURCE Jayco

9. Little Guy


Little Guy teardrop camper trailers are Australian made, tow like a dream and no setup is required. Carefully constructed from high quality materials selected for their low maintenance and longevity, the Little Guy incorporates many features designed to make travel more enjoyable. The Little Guy is lightweight, making it suitable for small cars.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Deluxe349 | 450 fully optioned53838$16,925
Cruiser429 | 529 fully optioned64848$18,625
Deluxe Plus402 | 542 fully optioned59545$17,425
Rough Rider – Off Road526 | 665 fully optioned81464$20,390

Little Guy Teardrop Campers

Little Guy Teardrop Campers – SOURCE: Little Guy Teardrop Campers

10. Livin Life Teardrop Campers


Packed with features to make your next adventure easy and comfortable. Livin Life Teardrop Campers offer the comforts of home when you hit the road. Get a great nights sleep with our Australian made mattresses. Cook dinner under the stars with an extendable kitchen. Simply hook up your camper and you’ll have everything you need for a quick weekend away or a much longer adventure. These lightweight campers are a dream to tow, and suitable to most vehicles. Nervous about reversing a camper? These campers are lightweight meaning you can move them by hand.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
The Getaway Bed60080$25,360
The Optimum Classic780100$36,590

Livin Life Teardrop Campers Getaway Bed

Livin Life Teardrop Campers Getaway Bed – SOURCE: Livin Life Teardrop Campers

11. Marli Campers


Custom made Tear drop Campers made in Victoria. Made for on road, suitable for off road. Custom Australian made tear drop Campers. Off road capability.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Marli One$15,400
Marli X$18,850

Marli Campers

Marli Campers – SOURCE: Marli Campers

12. Navitear Campers

The lifestyle of a teardrop camper is one of convenience. Whether it be a day trip to the coast or outback, to a distant location or just down the road, the versatility of a Navitear camper is something else.


ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
The Camper660750

Navitear Teardrop Camper

Navitear Teardrop Camper – SOURCE: Navitear

13. Nimble Campers


The Nimble Campers Teardrop is a classic retro teardrop shape, with the modern conveniences of a larger van, giving you the benefits of extra internal living space while retaining the compact and lightweight features and styling unique to teardrops. The spacious internal living area features sofa-style seating and a table that easily converts to a queen-size bed, making it perfect for weekend getaways or longer trips. The light and airy interior with its opening windows and a ventilated skylight fan give you the feel of a much larger van. With a tare weight of just 750kg, it makes for economical towing, and the mechanical braking system is easy to use without requiring any modification to your car.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Teardrop Standard805122085

Nimble Campers

Nimble Campers – SOURCE: Nimble Campers

14. Origin Campers


Origin Campers – Australian Made, Designed And Owned. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality trailers that enable you to explore the great outdoors in style and comfort. Our trailers are designed and built with durability, functionality, and convenience in mind, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate camping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the camping scene, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of camper trailer models to suit your needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. With our camper trailers, you’ll be able to create lasting memories with family and friends on your next adventure.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Go Adventure54075065$24,200
Borderline M16801100$32,200
Borderline M2820135085$38,500
Long-Range V1880$40,370
Long-Range V29001350120$41,690
Long-Range V39901350120$40,700

Origin Campers Long Range

Origin Campers Long Range – SOURCE: Origin Campers

15. Oz Canopies & 4×4


Escape the ordinary and embrace the freedom of the open road with an Oz Canopies 4×4 premium Tear Drop Camper. Designed for the modern explorer, their campers combine compact convenience with unmatched comfort, delivering an unforgettable camping experience like no other.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Teardrop Camper Caravan720146086$14,999

Oz Canopies And 4x4 Teardrop Camper

Oz Canopies And 4×4 Teardrop Camper – SOURCE: Oz Canopies And 4×4

16. Ridge Teardrop Campers


Ridge Teardrops provide a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors with an ultra-light camper trailer that is easy to store, ready to go, and comfortable when you arrive. The campers also convert to a table and footwell inside so that you can be cosy even if it rains. Because all cooking and sleeping gear can be stored the camper, all you need to bring is food, drink and clothes. You can even arrive at your destination late at night with no pop-up roof or awnings to setup – just enjoy the stars with your favourite drink.

Ridge Teardrop Campers

Ridge Teardrop Campers – SOURCE: Ridge Teardrop Campers

17. Riptide Campers


Australia’s leading manufacturer of Teardrop, Squaredrop and Pod style campers and specialists in compact camper/caravan design. A Riptide Camper offers all the comfort of a caravan without the size, and all the convenience of a camper trailer without the hassle! Inspired by our unique Australian outdoor lifestyle, our beautiful coastlines and outback, Riptide campers are designed and built with the best quality materials and components available, and feature a level of luxury that will surprise. The results are campers of the most superior quality and uniqueness and style. Proudly Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured!

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Swell XL (Extra Long)58075050$23,400
Tsunami Off-Road11401500110$49,500
Typhoon Off-Road11801500110$52,500
Hurricane Off-Road13602200120 (varies with load)$65,500

Riptide Campers Tsunami Off Road

Riptide Campers Tsunami Off Road – SOURCE: Riptide Campers

18. Smidge Teardrop Campers


Smidge is not your average camper. Using a lifetime of experience within the caravan and motorhome industry, their knowledge identified the need for a compact camper and they delivered. Their focus is to create a design that is easily stowed and can be transformed into a holiday without the hassle. Manufactured by Suncamper Motorhomes in Sydney, Smidge has used their knowledge and skills to create high quality products.

In Smidge Campers, all components throughout the entirety build is completed by qualified trades in one factory. We do not outsource parts of the build or need to rely on other companies workmanship. Because they build the whole unit from scratch it allows them to ‘tweak’ the layout and options to suit your wants and needs. They take great care in manufacturing every one of their bespoke creations.

ModelTare (kg)GVM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
The Teardrop ‘Dash’50075050
The Teardrop ‘Drop’550100050
The Teardrop ‘Dram’600100050


Smidge – SOURCE: Smidge

19. Stonegate Industries


The lightweight construction of the Tucana means that towing is a breeze. With only around 800kg tare and low-ball weights just about any standard car is more than capable of safely towing to your destination. The ride is always smooth and enjoyable with full off-road suspension and an aerodynamic design. Explore with confidence knowing that whether it be a quick roadside stop or a culinary creation the Tucana’s generous kitchen layout has you covered. It has everything you need with a gas cooktop, stainless steel sink, cabinet storage, preparation bench, fridge slide and an 80L water tank.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Tucana Teardrop Camper80045 to 65$32,999

Stonegate Industries Tucana Teardrop Camper

Stonegate Industries Tucana Teardrop Camper – SOURCE: Stonegate Industries

20. The Teardrop Camper Company


The Teardrop Camper Company manufacture a wide range of beautiful and customisable teardrop trailers. With these lightweight, easy-to-tow teardrop campers, you can be off in less than half an hour! There’s no excuse not to start your adventure. Our fully customisable campers can be stored in your garage already packed. The lockable doors and toolbox provide not only security for your gear, but safety for yourself, whether in a campground or on a free-use campsite. The Teardrop Camper Company trailers are all Australian made with parts manufactured in house.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Brumby LS480750$18,700
Brumby 121740120075 (empty toolbox)$24,100
Grand Tourer “GT”$29,999

The Teardrop Camper Company Grand Tourer GT

The Teardrop Camper Company Grand Tourer GT – SOURCE: The Teardrop Camper Company

21. Trackstar Campers


This van is a mobile lounge/ dining room that converts into a double bedroom. Kitchen is the full tail area with strut assisted rear flip up door. There is no set up required. These units are finished with a black fibreglass trim and have a wood interior.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Tear Drop7501300$29,990

Trackstar Tear Drop Camper

Trackstar Tear Drop Camper – SOURCE: Trackstar

22. Travelbug Teardrop Campers


Travel the highways of Australia in comfort in an affordable, stylish, light-weight, easily towed Travelbug Teardrop Camper – the easy camper. Their range of Escape Pod campers come in four models – built to suit you. The Escape Pod models are the Longreach, ECO, DUO and the Seeker camper. All our campers are on a galvanised, Aussie made light off-road chassis, with leaf springs and solid axle, light truck tyres and tough off road rims or mags.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Escape Pod Longreach480$15,500
Escape Pod Emerald480$16,500
Snuggle Pod480$15,900
Escape Pod AdventureMan480

Travelbug Teardrop Campers

Travelbug Teardrop Campers – SOURCE: Travelbug Teardrop Campers

23. Wild Monkey Campers


Wild Monkey Campers specialise in building high-quality, handcrafted teardrop campers for customers in Australia. We take pride in using top-of-the-line materials and construction methods to create durable, comfortable, and stylish camping trailers that are perfect for exploring the beautiful and diverse landscape of our country. Wild Monkey Campers customers appreciate the flexibility and freedom that comes with owning a teardrop camper, and we take great care to ensure that every camper we build is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the individual customer. Browse our collection of campers today and find the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Longreach, ECO, DUO and the Seeker camper. All our campers are on a galvanised, Aussie made light off-road chassis, with leaf springs and solid axle, light truck tyres and tough off road rims or mags.

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)
Splendour LX600100055$35,490
Splendour GT600100055$37,490

Wild Monkey Campers Splendour GT

Wild Monkey Campers Splendour GT – SOURCE: Wild Monkey Campers

24. Wotpods


An honest, affordable, quality teardrop camper built for Australian adventurers. An innovative, practical, quality teardrop at a good price built for Australian getaways. Wotpod fully insulated pods provide comfort, security, lighting, cooking, fridge, music and more – a game changer for any camping enthusiast!

ModelTare (kg)ATM (kg)Ball Weight (kg)Price (AUD)

Wotpod Teardrop Pod Camper

Wotpod Teardrop Pod Camper – SOURCE: Wotpod


Teardrop campers may be small in size, but they offer a big camping experience. From their historical roots to their compact design and modern amenities, teardrop campers continue to capture the hearts of campers looking for a cosy and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.

Their compact size, ease of towing, affordability, and versatility make them a fantastic choice for both novice and experienced campers. Whether you’re a solo traveller seeking solitude in the wilderness or a couple looking for a romantic getaway, teardrop campers can provide the perfect camping experience.

With various manufacturers offering a wide range of models, there’s a teardrop camper to suit every camping style and budget. So, if you’re dreaming of camping adventures under the open sky and next to a crackling campfire, consider hitching a teardrop camper to your vehicle and hitting the road for an unforgettable journey into the great outdoors.