Caravan Park In Tumut: Riverglade Caravan Park A Perfect Choice

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the Tumut River in New South Wales Riverglade Caravan Park in Tumut is a welcoming haven for travellers seeking both tranquillity and adventure. Spread across 7 magnificent hectares this caravan park in Tumut not only offers a breathtaking natural setting but also holds historical significance as an indigenous meeting place. The name “Tumut” is derived from a Wiradjuri word meaning a “Quiet resting place by the river”.

Whether you’re in search of a peaceful retreat, planning a family holiday, embarking on a Snowy Mountains adventure or simply passing through Riverglade Caravan Park in Tumut provides a diverse range of accommodation in a scenic riverside parkland setting. With almost a kilometre of pristine Tumut River frontage and convenient access to Kosciuszko National Park Riverglade Caravan Park is all set to be the gateway to an unforgettable experience in this beautiful region.

Looking for accommodation in Tumut or a fantastic base for a Snowy Mountains adventure? Riverglade Caravan Park occupies seven magnificent hectares beside the Tumut River. A significant indigenous meeting place, the name “Tumut” is derived from a Wiradjuri word meaning a “Quiet resting place by the river.”

With 7 hectares of grassy riverside parkland Riverglade Caravan Park is the perfect choice for large group gatherings, family holidays, adventure holidays exploring the region, a convenient break in your road trip.

Riverglade Caravan Park offers a wide range of accommodation and easy access to Kosciusko National Park. From local bush walks to easy low cost access to the ski fields Riverglade Caravan Park places visitors right on the doorstep of everything this region has to offer. Riverglade caravan park fronts more than a kilometre of the pristine Tumut River. Accommodation options are available to suit all budgets and needs. From unpowered sites perfect for camping to luxurious fully appointed cabins.

Jayco All Terrain In Tumut

Jayco All Terrain In Tumut

Exploring the Charm of Tumut, NSW: An Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Adventures, History, Cuisine, and More

Located right in the heart of New South Wales Tumut stands as a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Tumut has loads of attractions. You won’t be left short of things to do ranging from outdoor adventure activities, a rich and colourful history, delicious cuisine through to vibrant festivals and celebrations.

We stayed at the Riverglade Caravan Park in Tumut mid November 2023 for a couple of night. The park was fairly quiet for a weekend which suited us well. The less people around the better for us. The park was very well priced, we stayed on a powered site with water and it cost us less than  per night. The amenities were large and cleaned. The showers were large and here were plenty of them. The park also has washing machines and dryers as well as loads of clotheslines.

Explore the Tumut River

Jump into your kayak or canoe and paddle down the river. Check out the scenery on either side. If you’re into fishing will find many spots along the riverbank offering the perfect opportunity to reel in a catch. For those seeking a more leisurely experience pack a picnic basket and relax by the riverside whilst soaking in the tranquillity that defines Tumut.

Riverglade Caravan Park Tumut Park Map

Riverglade Caravan Park Tumut Park Map

Tumut Valley Rail Trail

If you like to explore on foot or by bike the Tumut Valley Rail Trail is a must-visit. The Tumut Valley rail trail offers breathtaking views of the countryside and has  rich historical significance. As you wander along the path discover points of interest that tell the tale of Tumut’s history. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or a leisurely walker the Tumut Valley Rail Trail caters to everyone and delivers an adventure filled with discovery.
Hiking in the Snowy Mountains.

Riverglad Caravan Park Aerial Photo

Riverglad Caravan Park Aerial Photo

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the proximity of Tumut to the Snowy Mountains. From Tumut you have easy access to loads of national park walking tracks that lead to awe inspiring viewpoints. Many unique plants and animals call this region home. From well trodden trails to well off the beaten track the Snowy Mountains is an awesome place for outdoor adventurers to explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

Tumut Broom Factory

Look into Tumut’s history at the Tumut Broom Factory where the artistry of the broom industry unfolds. Go on a tour of the factory learn the history of this unique trade and watch demonstrations showcasing the craftsmanship behind each broom. Finish you visit to the Tumut broom factory with a bit of souvenir shopping by bringing home a piece of Tumuts rich heritage. We have a couple of brooms from the Tumut Broom Factory and they are extremely practical and nice to use.

Tumut and District Historical Society Museum

Stop in at the Tumut and District Historical Society Museum and travel back to yesteryear. Look at artifacts and old photos that paint a picture of Tumuts evolution.

Riverglad Caravan Park Autumn Colours

Riverglad Caravan Park Autumn Colours

Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins

Adelong Falls

Adelong Falls

Immerse yourself in the historical significance of the Adelong Falls Gold Mill Ruins. Wander through the well-preserved remnants of a bygone era on self-guided tours, capturing the essence of the gold rush days. Photography enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to frame the haunting beauty of these ruins against the backdrop of Tumuts natural landscape.

Farm-to-table Experiences

Indulge your taste buds in farm-to-table experiences, where local produce takes centre stage. Explore vibrant markets showcasing the region’s bounty and take part in farm tours offering tastings of fresh seasonal delights.

Riverglade Caravan Park In Tumut Welcome Sign

Riverglade Caravan Park In Tumut Welcome Sign

Cafes and Restaurants

Get into the culinary scene at Tumut Cafes and restaurants offer a diverse array of different dishes. From hearty country style meals to inventive specialties Tumuts dining establishments cater to every one. From sausage rolls and spaghetti pies all the way through to caramel lattes there is something in Tumut for everyone. And don’t forget the counter lunches and one of the pubs!

Tumut Blues and Rock Festival

The Tumut Blues and Rock Festival is an annual event. A weekend of rhythm and blues in the heart of Tumut that is well worth a visit.

Ziggy BBQ Slide Jayco All Terrain

Ziggy BBQ Slide Jayco All Terrain

Tumut Festival of the Falling Leaf

Celebrate the beauty of autumn at the Tumut Festival of the Falling Leaf. There’s a colourful parade live music and activities for visitors of all ages. Tumut comes alive with the vibrant colours of falling leaves creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


From outdoor adventures along the Tumut River to historical explorations at the Broom Factory and Gold Mill Ruins there’s enough diversity to keep everyone interested. We encourage you to explore this historic NSW town. Explore it’s unique offerings and create memories that will last a lifetime. Tumut, NSW, awaits with open arms, ready to share its beauty and hospitality with those willing to venture into its embrace.

Getting To Tumut

Tumut is just over a 4-hr drive from Sydney and 2hr 15min drive from Canberra. You can also fly into Wagga Wagga Airport and hire a car for the 90min drive.

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