Shower Door Replaced With Shower Curtain Jayco Caravan

We removed the heavy shower door in our Jayco All Terrain 17.55-9.AT-MY22 poptop caravan and replaced it with a shower curtain. Amanda Sloane is a legend with a sewing machine and it ended up looking like it came from the factory that way.

It still uses the original top runner and has had velcro strips added to it so it fits exactly the same as the old top curtain did. We’re off to do about 3,000 km of dirt roads this year (again ????) and we were worried about the door jumping off it’s hinges like it did to us once before. Also Amanda is a clean freak and it was all but impossible to clean between the original door and the vanity. The door as removed weighed 16.5kg – it’s in the shed so we can always refit it in about 15 minutes if needed.

I removed the top part of the track that pokes out from the wall. With the screws that hold the long piece to the frame removed you can pull the track away from the wall and lift it and twist it to get to the back of it. I used aluminium rivets to put it back in place as I noticed a few of the original screws had already rattled a bit loose. There are just two little screws at the back the pokey out bit it holding it in place. In a couple of places I ran a little bead of silicone alongside the aluminium track where Jayco had missed it. The curtain we bought was 2000mm high. Amanda had to shorten it in height a little bit as it was too long. The bottom of the curtain we bought had some weights in the hem to make it hang nicely so rather than cut these off she doubled it up over itself to the right length so the weights were still at the bottom.

Shower Curtain Uses The Original Runner Setup Jayco

Shower Curtain Uses The Original Runner Setup Jayco

We bought the shower curtain online from Robert Green Collection. The curtain we bought was 2000mm high by 2000mm wide.


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