Caravan Door Blind To Replace Curtain – Easy Installation

We didn’t like the installed curtain on our Jayco All Terrain caravan door so we looked around for something to replace it. Amanda wanted a roll down caravan door blind but I was worried about it banging around as we travelled. I figured it would probably fall off and damage the door it was being fitted to.

We came across the Camec blind specifically made to fit our our caravan door so it was a no brainer to choose it. The unique runner design holds it in place and stops it flapping around while travelling. The runners simply clip into the groove/channel down the side of the Camec Odyssey door. The Camec Premium Door Blind is designed specifically for integration with the Camec Odyssey Premium Security Doors. In this blog post we’ll have a look at the unique features and specifications that make this blind an ideal choice for those looking to replace their caravan door curtain with a blind.

Seamless Caravan Door Blind Integration With Odyssey Premium Security Doors

The Camec Premium Door Blind is engineered to seamlessly integrate into the Camec Odyssey Premium Security Doors. Easily identifiable by their steel mesh security screens similar to the renowned CrimSafe security mesh these doors represent a higher tier of security and design. The door blind complements the distinctive steel mesh pattern, distinguishing it from the standard Odyssey Doors with diamond-patterned security doors.

Door Blind Open And Closed

Caravan Door Blind Open And Closed

Easy Installation for Left or Right-Handed Doors

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Camec Premium door blind has a very easy installation making it a simple DIY project. Whether your door swings to the left or right, the blind is available in configurations to accommodate both, ensuring a hassle-free and versatile installation process.

Micro Chain Drive Operation and Sleek Pelmets:

Operated with a micro chain drive the Camec Premium caravan door blind delivers a smooth and efficient experience. The sleek pelmet cover enhances the visual appeal and ensures a polished finish giving the blind an integrated look with the overall design of the security door.

Door Blind Integrated Pelmet

Caravan Door Blind Integrated Pelmet

Caravan Door Blind Ultimate Privacy with “Non Flap” Operation

The Camec Premium Door Blind excels in providing the ultimate privacy solution. The blind is captured in guide rails ensuring “non flap” operation. This feature gives you stability and reliability. It’s an ideal choice to replace your daggy old curtains with.

Perfect Size for Odyssey Premium Doors

The blind is available in a half-height configuration, catering to doors measuring 1750 x 572mm or shorter. Importantly, these measurements are based on the overall door cut-out rather than the door itself, ensuring a precise fit for Odyssey Premium Doors.

DIY Installation and 1 Year Warranty

As a fully integrated blind solution the Camec Premium Door Blind is designed for easy installation making it an easy DIY project. Camec gives you a 1 year warranty providing peace of mind and assurance of the product’s durability and quality.

Installation took me about 20 minutes using basic hand tools and a cordless drill. The drill was used to make pilot holes for the provided self tapping screws to be screwed into.

Door Blind Anti Flap Runner

Door Blind Anti Flap Runner


  • Brand: CAMEC
  • Suits: Camec Odyssey Premium Door 572mm Wide x 1750mm or less
  • Suits: Right-Hand Hinge Doors (When Looking From the Inside)
  • Pull cord located on the hinge side of the door
  • Colour: Black
  • Shipping Weight: 1.70 Kgs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 88 cm x 8 cm x 14 cm.

Caravan Door Blind Hinge Side Classification

It’s worth noting a unique aspect of the Camec Premium Door Blind – the listed hinge side is determined from inside the vehicle which is different to the standard classification for door hinging. make sure you take note of this when ordering your caravan door blind.

Caravan Door Blind Jayco All Terrain

Caravan Door Blind Jayco All Terrain


The Camec Premium Door Blind for Odyssey Premium Security Doors offers a blend of security, style, and user-friendly features. Its seamless integration and easy installation to its ‘non-flap’ operation and tailored size. This blind stands as a testament to Camec’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern caravans. Improve your caravan with the privacy and sophistication that the Camec Premium Door Blind brings to the table.