How To Add A Caravan Tool Box For Additional Storage

A large range of caravan tool box designs include drawbar storage for items like generators, BBQs, fridges, gas bottles, batteries and much more. It doesn’t matter if you have purchased a new or preloved caravan. Most caravans just don’t have enough storage space.

You never have enough storage space for all the things you want to take. And weirdly the larger the caravan you have the more stuff you take. It seems like you are always looking for additional room. A caravan tool box can also provide extra space for your tools, poles, ropes, hoses, mats etc. Accessories such as jerry can holders for fuel or water, underbody battery boxes and internal gas bottle rings.

Drawbar Toolbox Jayco All Terrain

Drawbar Toolbox Jayco All Terrain

Common materials that a caravan tool box can be manufactured from are aluminium checkerplate, aluminium flat sheet, steel checker plate and flat sheet steel. Aluminium would be the most popular choice due to it’s weight saving over steel. Caravan tool boxes are often powder coated to match your van’s external colours.

There is an off the shelf caravan tool box available to suit most caravan brands and models. Bailey Australia Caravans, Billabong Caravans, Crusader Caravans, Gold Stream Caravans, Jayco Caravans, JB Caravans, Majestic Caravans, Millard Caravans, New Age Caravans and many dozens more.

Caravan Tool Box Draw Bar Storage

A popular position to mount your caravan tool box is on your draw bar. There is a massive range of caravan draw bar storage boxes available for this application. A massive selection of configurations to suit caravans, pop-tops, hybrids, and camper trailers is available. They can incorporate top lids, side doors, slides and more. Opt to move your gas bottles to inside the box, or retain on the outside. If you are moving your gas bottles on your caravan make sure to consult with a licenced gas fitter. Moving gas bottles on your caravan will usually require a new gas certificate to be issued depending on which state you are from. A drawbar mounted caravan tool box is great for BBQs, generators, fridges, mats, steps, annexes, levelling blocks, chocks, hoses, water hoses and pipes.

Caravan Tool Box Supreme Getaway Drawbar

Caravan Tool Box Supreme Getaway Drawbar

Caravan Tool Box For Generators

A lot of caravanners want to run a caravan air conditioner while off grid with no access to 240v power. This creates a need need to take a generator. A common addition to many caravans is a bumper mounted caravan generator storage box. These boxes allow you to both store and run your generator from the box. Add in a fully integrated lift up lid and a slide allowing easy mounting and removal of your generator. Include a weatherproof door seal gasket and you will have no need to physically move your generator in and out of your caravan. Just run your normal caravan power cord from the generator to the power inlet and away you go.

Caravan Tool Box Example Custom Rear Storage Setup

If you’ve got to have it exactly your way many manufacturers can build it to suit. Below is an example of what can be included in a custom caravan tool box set up for mounting to your rear bumper.

  • Upgrading of bumper strength – rear bumper gusseted and reinforced.
  • Extended rear bumper framing to support larger boxes.
  • BBQ storage on passenger side.
  • Generator storage on slide out on driver’s side.
  • New combination tail lights on rear.
  • Licence plate and light relocated to rear of box.
  • Rear boxes matched to spare tyre depth to remain within overhang limits.
  • Height raised to retain rear departure angle clearance (so the box doesn’t drag when exiting driveways etc).

What Does An Average Caravan Tool Box Cost?

A basic caravan toolbox price range is from $440 to $550 for simple boxes up to well over $2000 for a large caravan toolbox with slides, multiple doors and custom fabrication work.

Should I Worry About Waterproof & Durability?

You certainly should. Look for tool boxes for caravans that come with a rubber seal and that are fully seam welded to make them weather and dust resistant. Aluminium itself is an excellent material to make toolboxes due to its durability and lightweight property.

Where Can I Buy A Caravan Tool Box

There are many manufacturers and importers of caravan storage boxes in Australia. Below is a list of some I have found.

List Of Australian Caravan Brands

Adventura Caravans, Alpha Fibreglass, Aussie Wide Caravans, Avan Campers, Ballina Campervans, Billabong Custom Caravans, Caravan Manufacturer, Caria Caravan Trailer, Challenge Camper Trailers Caravans, Classic RTM Caravans, Concept Caravans, Coromal Caravans, Creative Caravans, Davsher Caravans, Desert Edge Trailers, Designer Vans Caravans, Discoverer Campers, Dreamhaven Caravans, Dreamland Trailers, Driftaway Caravans, Dryden Trailers Caravans, Eagle Caravans, Elross Caravans, Evernew Caravans, Exodus Campers, Ezytrail Campers, Galaxy Caravans, Goldstream Recreational Vehicles, Golf Caravans, Heaslip Campers, Horizon Motorhomes, I & D Industries, Imperial Caravans, Jayco Caravans, Jurgens Caravans, Kea Campers Australia Caravans, Kingdom Caravans, La Vista Caravans, Lifestyle Leisure RV, Limit Seeker Camper Trailers Caravans, Lotus Caravans, Majestic Caravans, May West Caravans, Millard RV Caravans, Montana Caravans, Nova Caravans, Olympic Caravans, Opalite Caravans, Paradise Caravans, Paradise Motor Homes, Paramount Caravans, Regal Caravans, Regent Caravans, Retreat Caravans, Rivenlee Caravans, Roma Caravans, Royal Flair Caravans, Spaceland Industries Caravans, Suncamper Caravans, Sunland Caravans, Sunliner Recreational Vehicles, Supreme Caravans, Swagman Aust Caravans, Tavlor Motorhomes, Toy Haulers Manufacturer, Track Trailer, Trailblazers RV Caravans, Trailer Manufacturer, Trailstar Caravans, Trakka Caravans, Trakmaster Caravans, Travelhome, Traveller Caravans, Truelux 5th Wheel, Vanguard Caravans, Western Caravans, Windsor Caravans, Winnebago Industries, Wirraway Motorhomes

Caravan Tool Box Types