Carry a Fire Extinguisher For Camping & Caravan Safety

Be safe and be smart when camping and carry a fire extinguisher for camping and caravan safety. A fire extinguisher can save your caravan, your vehicle or ultimately someones life when camping.

Caravan Fire Extinguisher For Safety

What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need for Camping in a Caravan?

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) recommends the use of a dry chemical powder fire extinguisher. This is a great multi purpose fire extinguisher that delivers a fantastic level of fire protection which makes it a very popular fire extinguisher. Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers use a fine powder that absorb fuel molecules that deprive a fire of a fuel source.

Where Should The Fire Extinguisher be Positioned In My Caravan?

Your fire extinguisher should be positioned in your caravan or camper trailer near an exit where it is easily accessed and where escape is also an easy option. When a fire takes hold in a caravan or camper trailer it will spread very very fast due to the highly combustible nature of your caravan or camper trailers contents. Small fire extinguishers can be successful in containing a fire in a very early stage or as a tool for assisting you to exit but in most cases they will not be able to put out a well established or larger fire. Personal safety comes first above anything else. The most important thing is to get you and everyone else away from danger.

What About My Tow Vehicle?

Your tow vehicle can also easily catch fire. Again, the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) recommends the use of a dry chemical powder fire extinguisher for this purpose. Mount the fire extinguisher in your tow vehicle in a position where it is easily accessible when needed. Also make sure that every person who operates the vehicle knows where the fire extinguisher is positioned and has an understanding of how to use it.

Fire Extinguisher Securely Mounted in Vehicle

Are There Any Maintenance Tasks to be Performed on a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher?

Take it out of it’s holder at least every 3 months and turn it upside down. Whack the base with a rubber mallet a couple of times. Ensure the gauge pointer is in the green. The powder inside chemical dry powder fire extinguishers is a bit similar to sugar and can become compacted in the bottom of the cylinder if left undisturbed. Turning it upside down and giving it a gentle whack with the rubber mallet and a bit of a shake assists to free it up. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your dry powder fire extinguisher go and buy a new one every year or so. They cost less than $25 if you shop around and for such a small amount of money it’s cheap insurance to know that it’ll work when you pull the trigger.


It just makes good sense to have a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place in both your caravan/camper trailer and vehicle. If there’s any danger to yourself get well clear and don’t bother with the fire. You can replace your belongings but not a life. Privacy & Disclosure Statement