Basic Caravan Toolkit You Should Carry In (2024)

It’s important to carry a decent assortment of tools and spare parts in your caravan or 4wd toolkit when you hit the road particularly if you plan on going to outback and remote areas. Even if you aren’t particularly handy someone might come along who is and can help you out.

What Tools Do We Carry In Our 4wd & Caravan toolkit?

Just a basic mechanics tool kit and anything specific to your vehicle or caravan or camper trailer will see you through most tasks. Any of the usual retail outlets will be able to set you up. For something in the range of $300 you will be able to source all of the basics. More specific tools in our caravan toolkit are things like custom spanners for adjusting suspension settings or for setting up your towing hitch or for basic adjustments and repairs to things like a chainsaw.

Basic Tool Kit For Caravan and 4WD

Our Basic Tool Kit For Caravan and 4WD

Spare Parts and Supplies

It’s great to carry a decent range of common items such as gaffa tape, electrical wire, electrical components like relays, fuses and cable crimps. Cable ties, WD40, strong wire and nuts and bolts all come in handy as do glues, adhesives and different kinds of silicones. We also have a spare set of wheel bearings for the caravan as well as wheel nuts for both the ute and the caravan. A puncture repair kit and a compressor are good things to have too.

Spares we carry specific to our vehicle are a top and bottom radiator hose and associated hoseclamps as well as a fanbelt and turbo hotpipe (known point of failure with our vehicle). We also have a diesel prefilter fitted so we have a replacement filter for it. We run a snorkel on our vehicle and have dust filters as spares for when we are in dusty conditions. After a trip we did a few years ago we now carry a few spare Anderson plugs as well as both male and female trailer plug connectors. The Planet Arabury Road is pretty hard on your gear!

Spare Parts and Supplies We Carry

Spare Parts and Supplies We Carry

OBD2 Diagnostic ScannerAn OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner is a Great Addition

When a modern, EFI vehicle isn’t running correctly, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem particularly if you are on your own and a long way from home. In a lot of cases it will let you know what is wrong with your vehicle and you might be able to come up with a quick fix. Sometimes the problem isn’t readily apparent but once you know what it is the light goes off in your head and you can work it out. It can also help you to determine what spare part you may need. Some of them also allow you to clear simple error codes.

Caravan Plumbing Spares

Caravans have a lot of pipework and a lot of joiners to link all of that pipework together and sometimes things can go wrong particularly if you do a lot of dirt road travel. Have a look underneath your van or camper trailer and in cupboards etc and make an inventory of all of the different fittings and types of hoses that are used and buy a couple of everything plus a few metres of the different hose types. It may seem like overkill but it won’t cost you very much and when you lose a t-piece from your water pump and you are 450km from a hardware store it will then seem like a bloody great idea! We’ve had a few bits that we have had to replace on the road and a lot of bits that we have helped out fellow travellers with. And if you use a bit don’t forget to replace it when you get back home.

Supreme Getaway Offroad Caravan Plumbing Spare Parts

Supreme Getaway Offroad Caravan Plumbing Spare Parts


We may not carry the absolute best toolkit or spares for every eventuality however we are more than covered for the basics that can be done with our knowledge and skillset. We are also able to offer assistance to others in need whenever and wherever it’s required. We could carry a lot more but we always have reducing the weight of our caravan and ute in the back of our minds.

Happy travelling!