Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

The Uluru Sunset Viewing Area is a superb place to watch the rock change colours and moods as the sun goes down late in the day. Amanda and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Uluru From Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

Uluru From Uluru The Viewing Area

Today we drove out to the cultural centre and Uluṟu and had a look around. The cultural centre is superbly done. There are a lot of artefacts on display as well as a great overview of the history of the areas people.

After visiting the Uluru Cultural Centre we went to the Uluṟu Sunset Lookout and watched the sunset. The different colours and the shades and contrasts the rock went through while we watched were mesmerising. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it. Uluṟu is something else. It gives off the feeling to me that it is alive and it knows who I am and who we all are and it is watching over us. It’s bloody awesome.

David And Amanda At Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

David And Amanda At Uluru Sunset

About The Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

A dramatic sunset at Uluru can be experienced from this vantage point. You can also visit this area at sunrise to capture Uluru silhouetted against the rising sun. It is only accessible by cars and small vehicles – buses must use the Bus Sunset and Dune Walk Viewing Areas.

Getting to Uluru Sunset Viewing Area From Yulara

We stayed at the Yulara Resort at Yulara so accessing Uluru was easy. Leave Yulara and head south. It’s about 15km to the Uluru Viewing Area. It will take you about 15 minutes. You will have to stop at the park boom gates to either scan the pass you bought online or to buy a parks pass. A three day pass is only $38 per person.

Parked At Uluru Sunset Viewing Area

Parked At Uluru Sunset Viewing Area