Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull Australia Day 2024

We had a fun 2024 Australia Day in Wombat NSW watching the Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull sledge pulling competition. It’s an annual event so get along next year! There’s also a street parade and once the tractor pull is finished everyone goes to the Wombat Hotel for live music and beer.

About The Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull

Check out rows of old-fashioned tractors lined up ready to have a crack at pulling a heavy sledge at the Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull. Some tractors are shiny and polished (not many!) while others show signs of their hard work on the farm.

The tractors rev their engines and prepare to pull heavy loads along the dirt track. As the competition heats up the air fills with the sound of roaring engines and the smell of diesel fuel. It’s a sight to behold as the tractors strain against the weight chugging and roaring as they inch forward.

If you’re looking for a day of old-fashioned fun and excitement get yourself out to the Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull every Australia Day.

Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull 2024

Wombat Vintage Tractor Pull 2024

Top 5 Things To Do In Wombat NSW

Here’s a list of the top five things to do in Wombat NSW

  1. Visit The Pub – The Wombat Hotel has long been a favourite with locals and visitors. We call in there for a beer almost every time we go to Young from Cootamundra – pretty much every week or two! Meals are excellent too, our favourite is the Mexican Schnitzel.
  2. Explore the Countryside – Take a stroll or drive around Wombat to enjoy the peaceful countryside scenery with its fields and hills. It’s an extremely popular thing to do for day trippers from Sydney and Canberra during canola season.
  3. Visit Wombat’s Community Park – Spend time at the local park for picnics, games, and relaxation under the trees.
  4. Stargaze at Night – Enjoy the clear night skies by looking at stars and constellations due to Wombat’s low light pollution.
  5. Learn Local History – Visit the Wombat Heritage and Memorial Wall to discover stories about the town’s past and pay respects to its history.

Having A Beer At The Wombat Hotel

Having A Beer At The Wombat Hotel

Getting To Wombat NSW From Sydney

From Sydney, take the Hume Highway (M31) heading towards Canberra and Melbourne. Continue on the Hume Highway until you reach the town of Yass. In Yass, take the turnoff onto Burley Griffin Way (B94), which will lead you towards the towns of Harden and then onto Wombat. Follow signs to Wombat. The total driving distance is approximately 330 kilometres, and the journey takes around 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

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